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You can’t make jokes about the military, fat people, or sexual harassment — but that’s not stopping Bill Burr.

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41 Responses to “Bill Burr Got In Trouble For Making Fun Of The Military – CONAN on TBS”

  1. Sunny shah

    Everyone's a hero these days, that fat kid in your class, the fat chick that you meet in public, they LGBTQ, freaking everyone is a hero and deserves a trophy for doing absolutely nothing of importance for humanity.

  2. Swimbait1

    Thank the likes of Fox News for the whole military hero thing. They do it for votes, it inspires patriotism. People put stickers on their cars, hang up flags, it’s all a scam.

  3. Blue Maximus

    I hate airport applause. The people who join the military and fight the foreign enemies of America do not want applause. They want to walk through the airport and not get harassed or put on the spot for a job that we would much rather do in private and without public praise.

    It’s not service when you expect fame or free lunch.

    Bill Burr has it right.

  4. Raina K Orozco

    i agree 100%. I'm so tired of our country over doing everything. Everyone's a freaking "Hero" today and if you don't act and say what everyone else says than you're not american. It's such BS.

  5. Dj Khalif

    Theres no difference between a killer and a soldier other than the fact a murderer doesnt get paid and they dont kill patriotically

  6. artje123

    Very funny and on the spot. Interesting to see how Conan gets somewhat uncomfortable or at least tries to look so, aware of the sensitivity of the subject. He cannot laugh out loud to his jokes but needs to pretend to be a bit cautious, saying “we will calm him down” at the end, like he isn’t taking Burr very seriously. But it’s probably the only way to have him on his show without having to fear to offend part of his audience and negatively affect ratings.

  7. DrakosLord

    For the part he couldn't finish to explain: he started his bit by blaming women for sexual harrassment, that's how hard his show started. But no, only when he made a joke about the army is when the fat douchebag got angry. That's how ridiculous that fat bastard was.

    Or something like that.

  8. 9some

    conan brings him for his own amusement, to catch a break from having to make laugh, this one makes him laugh

  9. gc68

    i so agree with bill burr, this oversensitivity is blowing out of proportion like what you gonna make us do, tread on eggshells?

    i'm just glad dank memes still exist cause they're pretty much close to how dark humor works. just a lighter version tho. lol

  10. Arron Barringer

    Anyone who knows anything knows that the Flight Deck is one of the most dangerous places to work. That's why the joke is funny. Probobly some bearded up Tacticool "I was gonna join the military but I'd punch the Drill Instructor" type Civie that got all offended… or maybe an Airman.

  11. HydraLord1221

    "It went great, good set, great place, good drinks, I almost got arrested." (Paraphrased)
    Bill needs some hobbies

    Edit – the pointing guy is a hero. I mean, you know, in case the fighter jets miss the explosions.

  12. Felisha

    These are one of few times I agree with Bill. He is right in that the military gets too much glory. Killing people shouldn't be glamorized, honored or seen as heroic. It can viewed as necessary, and actions heroic, yes, but in the end… it makes people angry. And from that anger spawns new generations of hate. So it's not a lasting solution.

    I know soldiers are just geared to kill, but as a human race, we ultimately need to see beyond the horizon and take notice how war isn't a solution. It just makes things worse in the end.

  13. Nick Oz

    Its great that we can laugh and joke. First, I support that and Bills right to say his opinion However, underlining this, think realistically, Bur is a hollywood slob who does not know anything about the military and has probably never been in danger or been a hero either. So, don’t get offended by the pot calling the kettle black. Second, people in the comment section are confusing heroism with meritorious service. If you served in the military, you did something better with your life than smoking meth like 40% of America and you did a good thing. Move on. Yes, if everybody in the military was able to stand up and get their Medal of Honor moment or save someone having a heart attack and prove themselves that would be a crazy day because it would be a ton of catastrophe! That would be lots of people dying left and right to know. Four, of you are standing up to a lack of sensitivity then don’t be sensitive to an opinion that disagrees with yours! Or you’re a hypocrite! And thats just opinion folks.


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