Black Rednecks and White Liberals is a collection of six essays by Thomas Sowell. The collection, published in 2005, explores various aspects of race and culture, both in the United States and abroad.

0:00 Preface
5:24 Black Rednecks & White Liberals


19:20 – Pride & Violence
34:46 – Economic Activity
54:38 – Intellectual Activity
58:29 – Sexual Activity
1:00:38 – Religion


1:25:28 – New England Enclaves
1:38:18 – Internal Culture Differences
1:49:32 – External Relations


2:06:32 – Blaming Others
2:15:01 – Misconceptions of History
2:18:48 – The ‘identity fetish’
2:23:30 – Summary & Implications

This is REAL History that should be taught by every american school. It’s nothing like the propaganda we’ve been force fed by the paid-off politicians who want us to regurgitate globalist talking points.

Please watch: “EXPOSING: Roman Curia (Catholic Church) And Global Pedophila Networks”


15 Responses to “Black Rednecks & White Liberals – Essays by Thomas Sowell”

  1. Commander McFadden

    i had a history teacher who described the Scots and Irish that Mr. Sowell writes about. The Scots and the Irish came from usually chilly and grey lands. The hot humid summers of the South took years to adapt to. They also came from generations of living under the harsh landlord and vassal type relationship as well as centuries of repression, abuse and discrimination by the English. The Irish were also abused for their Catholicism by the protestant English. The Scots and Irish arriving in America often found themselves working for an unfair landowner again. They often balked at making another landlord wealthy. The Scots, unlike the Brits, didn't benefit from Roman influence . Though the Romans were able to conquer England and bring Roman technology and learning, engineering and building to the Brits . The Scots however fought hard to stay unconquered by the Romans, this so unnerved the Romans that the Roman emperor Hadrian built the famous Hadrians Wall. The wall ran across the country and the Romans kept watch along the wall for 300 hundred years. The drawback to Scotch independent attitude is that they did not benefit from Roman knowledge. This was long before the discovery of the New World however. But England benefitted from the early exposure to Roman technology. This knowledge carried over for many centuries and into Englands era as the world's first superpower. It helps explain why the Scots and the Irish lagged.

  2. David A

    As far as I am aware Ulster is and was a Provence made up of six counties, minor detail. I like Thomas Sowell, haven't finished listening.

  3. Chasity Rhodus

    Dubois (who's referenced numerous times thru out these essays) was born a free-black to a "middle-class" FREE-black family that owned land, a plantation, and NEVER worked a day in his life!
    In the early 1900's he was recruited by the leaders in the American-socialist party (later the American-communist party, and ALL whites) to establish the NaaCP…
    His influence in the southern black communities created, and ENABLED the violence between southern blacks and whites…
    After reading the historical writings between Dubois and Booker T (whom was born a slave in the south, later freed after civil war) tell a different story…
    Booker T (again) a man born a slave in the south valued HARD work-ethic, PERSONAL responsibility, individuality, the importance of one to SELF-educate…
    Dubois would be today's BHO, van jones, sharpton etc…

    While Booker T's life struggles/legacy would be today's Dr Carson, or Tim Scott…
    Dubois fled America after the American-communist party died out, once southern blacks started speaking out that they' were be'in used as pawns to perpetuate a violent bloody race war w/whites in the south…Dubois entire life was that of an elitist, he died a self-proclaimed communist and criticized Booker T til his end days…The "white redneck" had NOTHING to do w/the race-baiting ideology Dubois and his fellow majority white American socialist/communist brethren…

  4. Prompea

    wow! as a child and learning about the history slavery and racism, I was persuaded to think it was all the white mans evil. Deep down I never believed that in particular as I thought it was too false to be true–and I am happy I never feel for it. the only people I cannot stand are white guilters and their on going pardon and self hate…. and black who would make them feel that way.

  5. Paladine

    One minority (blacks) rob and kill more of another even smaller minority (Asian) than another other groups. black LIES matter.

  6. Ndesire

    He brings up some interesting points but too many times does he make "logical leaps" using anecdotal evidence where he just fills in his own assertions as to the cause of current racial issues rather than relying on real studies, statistics, etc.

  7. Carol Secret

    Trump is a good man with flaws; like most people. Hillary's mentors were a black genocide specialist, a warmonging, white supremacist and a luciferian


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