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“Brodozer” from the Discovery Channel’s Diesel Brothers. It’s the first diesel monster truck to compete in the Monster Jam series. This was at Monster Jam 2018 in Nashville TN at Nissan Stadium.

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29 Responses to “BRODOZER Diesel – Monster Jam Freestyle Debut – First Run! – Nashville 2018”

  1. Darren Howard

    People saying this diesel can't compete are level in the old days of diesel. These guys ran the course in sub 20 secs and the winner ran a 19.8. The truck tight and well put together and took turns better than most of the pack last night in Tampa. New blood has the vets nervous and hating. DP has something here and have outdone themselves. Time will tell…

  2. felix

    The diesel brothers are awesome it is a nice truck too bad they didn't let a professional drive to see its full potential and capabilities

  3. suzuki400boi

    Diesel just doesn't work for a monster truck. As far as being a serious competitor. Not enough RPM, Turbo lag, Weight. A turbo gas engine would be more interesting and would probably yeild a better result.

  4. FourG63

    great video! thanks for uploading this, i had no idea diesel had been introduced to monster jam, time to get back into it


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