My dad and friend avoid disaster as they pull an old bulldozer onto a trailer to be pulled by a minivan!
Don’t worry the minivan survived.


Thank you for watching!


42 Responses to “Bulldozer Haulin' – Redneck FAIL”

  1. Ty Kline

    I'm the only one apparently who thought it was a cool video lol I only clicked on it because of the hot girl and barely seen her but it kept my attention. All y'all are just jealous of their skills

  2. J clark

    i hauled a smaller (9600lb) dozer behind a 1/2 ton truck and thought i was stupid. that 90 mile trip cost me my two real truck tires which both blew belts/went out of round in the next 150 miles. thanks for posting- nice video. just further proof the only people who never do unsafe stupid stuff are the ones that only sit and comment on youtube videos.

  3. Jason Kinney

    sketchyezt shit I've ever seen . Believe me my family use to be in the demolition business . We have blew pleanty of half ton 34 ton 1 ton and 2 ton trucks up and past there limit . This takes the cake . Looks like a all around death trap . surprised no one died .

  4. Chris Cash

    I was moving a one ton dodge conversion van and I wasn't even loading it. The van was on a hill and I was trying to use the trailer to ease it down the hill because it had no brakes so that I could load it on even ground on the street. Halfway down the hill the trailer came off the ball. The only thing that kept it from taking out my tailgate was the safety chains. So I know it doesn't take much for a trailer to come off the ball. And this idiot is cranking on a hand winch which in no way would he be able to get out of the way before the trailer killed or maimed him.

  5. sirkingdra

    Dumbest shit I've seen in a long time even for YouTube standards. Here's why: 1: You're running the piss outta that tractor trying to budge the bulldozer up those ramps. 2: You're using a mini van to tow a bulldozer. 3: Even a blind man could tell that your POS trailer doesn't have any trailer brakes, nor would your mini van probably have a brake controller in it. 4: You probably weren't smart enough to use chains and binders to secure that thing. 5: Your vans hitch is no way rated for 12,000+ lbs. 6: Your Van does Not have the braking power to handle that thing even if the trailer had working brakes of its own. 7: The day you all get someone innocent killed, I hope their surviving family & friends sue the shit outta you for being so reckless and careless.

  6. R C Nelson

    I've nothing to add to the other comments on the lunacy of grossly overloading a trailer and minivan, but I'm curious: how did they keep the dozer going straight when it was pulled on the left by the tractor? The guy operating the cable winch seemed to be merely taking up slack, but was that also what kept the dozer in a straight line?

  7. sirkingdra

    Well if this isn't the most stupid, Jimmy rigged, redneck, mindless load & haul video I have ever witnessed. I doubt it like hell that trailer has strong enough axles for the weight of it's own frame & deck + the weight of the bulldozer. Second, the hitch receiver on the van is 100% NOT rated for 12,000+ lbs of weight between the trailer + bulldozer, and obviously the minivan is not even close to being safely capable of towing that sort of weight. Probably doesn't have an aftermarket brake controller in it, nor does it have a heavy duty oil, transmission cooling system, a tow/haul overdrive mode, and it doesn't even closely have the factory rated GVWR for anything remotely close to that amount of weight. This is just plain stupid. I'd love to see the facial expression of your insurance broker when you have to file a claim when you get someone innocent injured or killed due to your negligence like not being able to stop quick enough, or when that trailer rolls the van over into the ditch and the insurance company investigates and discovers you were trying to be an ice road trucker with a bloody minivan, they'll revoke your insurance policy and won't help you and you'll surely get sued up the ass by the person you injured or killed (their family will sue your ass) and by the county/city will also sue you for public safety and negligence, as for any damage or destruction of county/city property due to you're shitty vehicle causing it. Car companies have made 1 ton trucks for decades now for a damn good reason, vans are for sports moms and people moving, not for towing trailers, this is why 1 ton trucks exist.


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