Why do people say “y’all” and describe things as “backwoods?” Why are some people “hillbillies” and others “rednecks?” Discover the origins of these and more popular country phrases.

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America’s Secret Slang
Season 1

“America’s Secret Slang” proves that we speak history every day as it documents the stories behind our unique American version of English, from words like “southpaw” to phrases like “bet your bottom dollar.”

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Are you faster than a redneck – Eric vs. Joe: Qualifying race #1 1991 Honda Civic Si Vs 1967 Camaro SS Qualifying race #2 2001 Audi S4 Avant Vs 1966 Chevy .

Flannel-wearing, mullet-sporting and tobacco-chewing All-American rednecks defend the honor of the American muscle car in a winner-take-all road racing .

Are you faster than a redneck – The King of Rednecks: Stripped out 2001 Bmw M3 with suspesion upgrades. 2010 Nissan GT-R vs 1968 Mustang .


Rough N Rowdy offers local hopefuls, most with limited skills and little training, the chance to win $1,000 and make a name for themselves in the boxing ring. The event is being broadcast by Barstool Sports, whose CEO, Dave Portnoy, refers to boxers taking part as ‘rednecks’ 
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VRChat is full of memes and other stuff. In this episode of drunk american father, watch as he disciplines me to become the man I am today. And YES, I CAN COUNT TO FIVE GODDANGIT

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