The idea of “Acting White” is an evil concept.

Please fight this covert leftist racism.

Read Black Rednecks and White Liberals by American treasure Thomas Sowell ! Try and explain these facts with as many people as you can ! and please share this video if you found it to be useful in giving examples !


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two idiotic rednecks are going to show you their football skill (if you could call it that).


Which states whoop it up the most? These do. ‘Merica.


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To determine which states are most redneck, we had to look at which residents have the most trailer parks, Walmarts, and highest high school dropout rates.

These are the states with the residents who fish, hunt, get stuck in the mud and get into it big time.

Georgia, West Virginia, Alabama, Mississippi, Missouri, Wyoming, Arkansas, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Louisiana are all mentioned.

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