Today our Cool Toy Monster Truck is Rescued From Abandoned Lake by our Tonka Truck Friend who happens to be in the area!

On the last video our Toy Monster Truck discovered an abandoned lake and decided that it would be fun to check out the area! Cool Bus, AKA, Higher Education went into the water and when he did he froze up solid!!!

We asked our viewers for some suggestions and we got some great comments about how to get the Cool Bus out of the abandoned lake! In this video we are going to put several of them into play to help with the rescue!

At the start of the video Crushtation, Mohawk Warrior and Dragon are all wondering who can help them get Higher Education out of the water! Crushstation says that he knows a tow truck that is a Legend and can help out. Mohawk Warrior and Dragon don’t believe him and then all of a sudden the Tonka truck shows up from out of the blue! The Tonka truck, driven by Aaron discovers a chain that he is going to use to pull the Cool Bus out of the water!

Our good friend Crushtation goes into the water and hooks up the chain, while Tonka pulls Cool Bus out of the water and back onto dry land! Once Higher Education is back on land, he says that when he went into the water and he froze up because that is how it was trained in Monster Truck School. Higher Education then has a flash back to his training!

During Monster Truck School, Grave Digger had all the monster truck practice going limp when they went into the water and saw a monster! The best action to avoid the monster is to freeze up so that the monster will leave! Young Higher Education passes with flying colors and his training pays off later in life when he finds himself in and abandoned lake!

Flashing back to current day, Higher Education is adamant that there is a monster in the lake! Crushtation, Mohawk Warrior and Dragon all think that they have see something in the lake as well but are not quite sure what it might be.

The monster trucks suggest that we set up a fort and have a steak out to see if they can identify the monster in the lake. We are asking for our viewers to comment on what type of fort we should build and also if they have seen anything in the lake! If you guys have seen anything at home, please let us know!!

Thanks for watching as we have figured out how to pull out cool toy monster truck out of the abandoned lake!

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37 Responses to “Cool Toy Monster Truck Rescued From Abandoned Lake”

  1. The Aaron & Dad Show

    Have you seen anything in the abandoned lake?

    What type of fort do you think we should build to steak out to see what kind of creature is in the lake?

    Please let us know friends!!

  2. Happy Hippos

    Your videos are always so fun to watch. That Crustation Car is super cool and what a cool story. Lots of action packed fun and enthusiasm. Thumbs up 19. Thanks for sharing friends.


    Hahaha, WhatA PittyTruck FinallySaved:) afterGettingWet
    thanksTo RescueTeam:)) Bighug forAaron:) ItsAcoolStory

  4. Mylo and Ollie - The Fun Kids!

    Lol! I loved the flash back of when they were little and in school! πŸ˜†πŸ‘ Lol Aaron at the end! I loved it! Great video friends! So glad you were able to get the cool bus out! Now it looks like you have another truck to rescue! What happened to Mohawk warriors wheel?! Big like and always a full view from us!

  5. Kate Claudia

    Awesome video, my friend! I enjoyed watching it. Thumbs up!

    Wishing you a beautiful happy weekend! ❀️‿❀️

  6. Yo Friend

    πŸ˜„ Long time no seeΒ  ! My dear friend! This animation aboutΒ the monster truckΒ  is very interesting πŸ’•πŸŽ†πŸ˜†! Give you a like! Have aΒ funny week! πŸ’“πŸŽ‡πŸ€—πŸ˜πŸ’“πŸ’–πŸ’— πŸ‘πŸ» [ Yo Friend from Hong Kong 🀘🏻🀝]

  7. Smith 5

    Loved how you did the flash back! Zion was watching this with me and going crazy! #yes monsters are everywhere!! We have been getting a lot of rain here to! Smart idea using something to pull him out! Loved Aaron’s sound effects! You both always have so much fun playing!

  8. Team BBB

    #yes we think there is a big green monster in there! Yay cool bus is outtttt. But i think hes has seeeeeen things that might have changed him lol.
    Wood fort would be very cool Aaron ❀


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