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Cracking Open Hot Wheels Big Foot Monster Trucks

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5 Responses to “Cracking Open Hot Wheels Big Foot Monster Trucks”

  1. Andrew Phipps Phillips

    Love the Ford F250 of that time anyway, but being a representation of the original is cool. I already got both the Boneshakers from this series (I'm a bit mad on Boneshakers generally). But the bonus of them being £4.49/$5.60 in a local store (BF models are nearly £12.00 on eBay so it's about $15+) encouraged me to get Bigfoot as a one-off purchase.
    Absolutely love it but need to get the courage to free it from the bubble now

  2. David Beeson

    The greenlight bigfoot is awesome, the hot wheels bigfoot is cool too. The one that is a size bigger then that hot wheels bigfoot is cool. I just pulled out my matchbox bigfoot from when I was a kid, it is so cool seeing them all together. Cool bigfoot video my friends, yinz do great videos.


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