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Today I will open this Toy Remote control car Red Color to see its internal structure
I Will Try To upgrade the car faster in the next Clip
Hapinic Rc Car – 2.4Ghz 1/18 Crawlers Off Road Vehicle Toy Remote Control Car Red Color
4.8V – 1800mAh
Newest 1:18 Full-Scale RC Monster Truck
Package size: 32*23*18.3cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Price ~ 30USD


29 Responses to “CreativeFun – Inside of Remote Control Monster-Truck/Structure of Remote Control – [Piece of Paper]”

  1. Khaled Abd elwahab

    Hey..can u help me i have this car and it was running well..after few months i comeback to use it but it didn't want to go left or right.. Just farward and back i check the engin of left and right and it working but when it conect to antela its doesnt work

  2. Leelahk 101.3

    Thank you so much this video helped me see where I went wrong because a year ago I brought this and I was look at how it was made and when I put it back together the back motor wasn’t spinning the clogs and now this vid helped me see thanks

  3. shayaan khan

    Thanks a lot my Monster Truck was broken but when I see your video my Monster Truck is now running fast very very thank you

  4. Randy Orton

    Bro i charged my battery for 5 hrs but after a few mins it's not able to climb. Pls tell me is it battery problem or motor. And what should.i do now .

  5. Tech India

    Bro my car circuit had smoked so now it only moves forward and backward not left and right.The circuit was going to burn but then I off it.what can I do


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