Charlotte-Mecklenburg police are searching for a man who ditched the car he was driving Wednesday afternoon in west Charlotte before jumping onto a moving train in order to get away from officers.

The Honda could be seen taking the Freedom Drive exit and speeding down the road and then turning into a parking lot and speeding through it.

At one point, the driver of the Honda jumped out of the car, ran toward some train tracks and then jumped onto a moving train in order to get away.

The driver ended up getting off of the moving train and ran into some woods in the Westover Hills neighborhood. Police could be seen from searching the area for the man, near Skyview Road.

Police took two people in the car into custody, but are still looking for the driver.

The pursuit tracked through Donna Rae Williamsโ€™ west Charlotte neighborhood near Wilkinson Boulevard. Williams said officers searched two sheds in her backyard.


48 Responses to “Criminal Jumps Onto Moving Train To Escape Police! (July 19, 2017)”

  1. larry snipes

    This is a channel 9 breaking news report! only on channel 9 were bringing you this high speed pursuit exclusively on channel 9! That's right your getting this first on channel 9! now to our channel 9 chopper on the scene!

  2. H2Odrew

    I think why we want him to escape is cause we always play as criminal characters in video games and we know that feeling when we dont pass the mission

  3. Imperial Guard

    It's all over, lawbreaker! Your spree is at an end. I'll take any stolen goods you have. The next move is yours Pay your fine, or I haul you away!

  4. Glitter

    According to his 23 year old mother……..He was desperate to get a ride to school and then he was going to work and then he was going to help old people cross the street……..

  5. xNeonStormz

    I wish this dude got away lmao unless he killed someone/raped blah blah but if he just broke some traffic laws or some some drugs, let this dude go LOL

  6. Jan Hollon

    What good does it do to have 20 police cars behind the fleeing vehicle hoping the driver will stop?
    And where are all the recent inventions that are designed to stop fleeing vehicles to stop?
    The pit maneuver does not always work as you can see here, so where are these other state of the art inventions at? And the thumbnail for this story is not this police chase but about a criminal being chased by police jumping into a rail car! So where is that story?

  7. Charles Smith

    For all of you who wanted the criminal to escape, please list your address and license plate of car.ย  That way when someone steals your car, they will get the right one.ย  Since you want this thief to get away, obviously you won't mind if someone steals your car and gets away with it


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