Hillbilly Proud headed up to Coshocton, Ohio on October 24, 2015 for the Truck or Treat Mud Bog at Bad Boyz Mud Run. This was our first trip to Bad Boyz and we had a great time. Their property features a nice fenced in playground, concession stand, stage for bands, and on this day a pig roast and Halloween events. The kids had a blast with the Truck or Treat, where they went from mud truck to mud truck to get candy from the drivers. There was a raffle after that featuring a bike for both a girl and a boy and then the kids got to pick out a pumpkin. Oh yeah there was also a mud bog. The day started with some exciting runs in the speed pit. Vic King went under 2 seconds through the pit then out of the shutdown area and up the hill at the end. The video doesn’t show the accidental hill climb because of all of the dust that was kicked up. Kevin Scott gave the cameraman quite the shower when he came off the track and into the water in between them. All were still in good condition afterward including the drivers, rail buggies, and camera. Next up was the nasty deep pit. Only a few drivers were able to make it through toward the start of the race. The crew took out quite a bit of mud and near the middle of the run and then about everyone started making full passes. We had a great time on our first trip to Bad Boyz Mud Run. Plenty of stuff for all ages and a great 200 ft pit. Candy and mud trucks? Yeah it is an awesome combination.


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