Just got my kx125, that i traded for my warrior 350 quad due that my friends and i ran from the cops on my warrior and since i live in a small town the quad was suspect and i’ve been wanting a dirt bike anyways, so i traded and some of my buddies came out with their 4 wheelers which are 400ex very nice quads and oneof the had bad rings as you can see it smoking!!

now as we were riding i made a dumb decision to cross the highway and on the way back i crossed infront of a police officer car which i didn’t expect him, of course he turned around and came back, now i didn’t break any laws but to ride over the highway but how was i supposed to cross it without touching the highway, anyways he was a cool cop!! let us go but as aways police stay on the look out for action! and also been nosy lol

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15 Responses to “Dirt bike vs. Cop!! 400ex & Kx125 (wheelies, ATV fails)”

  1. Moto Compilations

    Hello man, cool video, I am wondering if I can include it in my next upload? Giving all the credits in description/video. Enjoy ur day! peace ( I see you want to send video by mail to others, take a minute and check my other uploads.. how i'd solve your "watermark" problem and tell me if we can do this without it.)
    thank you!

  2. Kaos Riders

    Hey bro would it be cool with you if I use this for a cops vs riders compilation? I'll credit you and add a link to your video in the description. Thanks.

  3. Moto Frantic

    Hey man, absolutely love the clip. Can I have permission to use it in my next compilation? You'll be give full credit in the description with a link to this video.

  4. SaffyR3

    Hey T_Type, I would like to feature you in my next video! I would like to request permission before using this as you willed be credited in my description and on screen! Cheeeers

  5. Isaiah martinez

    My name is isaiah I have been watching ur content and I have always wanted a dirt bike soooo bad but😩I'm 15 so I'm not 16 yet to get a job so I'm not old enough but I keep trying and If I set up a go fund mabey could u share the link with other people??? Or help me some how?


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