23 Responses to “Do I Still Have The Monster Trucks..?”

  1. nathan Williams the old schooler 99

    It's good to see you and your monster truck collection what a year I had in 2018 you have no clue how bad it is that I had a rough year last year I also got Overkill Evolution and a bunch of other trucks I promise you it was the worst year ever had but I have found some Monster Jam 25th anniversary truck and I hope you found it too because that was the first exclusive iPhone also it was my first exclusive truck that I found first then all of you guys so and then the rest of 2018 was a failure

  2. Dylan Baumann

    On your first hot wheels monster jam track I actually tested the spin master trucks and actually works so I would bring back the signed up series with some spin master trucks please do sign up series I love your sign up series and it gives me joy thank you

  3. Sub zero0621

    My address is 942 white knoll apt 2 I need Goldberg and holiday hauler and bkt and exterators and my last one is Wwe truck rock and stone cold and

  4. bonkyjj06

    Are you able to repost your video where you show your brothers monster energy cans? I think the title was like β€œI’m bored” or something…it was one of my favorite vids from you

  5. Currie Gaming

    I recommend getting the spin master monster jam trucks they are actually really nice looking and are more accurate than Hotwheels to the real trucks


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