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Wednesday, March 20th, 2019

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  1. Puddle splasher and you fucking stupid stacks what wrong with you people

  2. a f150 hit me on the road and I am ok

  3. a f150 hit me on the road and I am ok

  4. how much money do you want to give me the truck Chevy

  5. sounds great. I'm so used to being in my truck it's nice to hear a duramax from the outside sometimes. this is why all of my neighbors say they love the sound of my truck.

  6. Liking the new paint job haha

  7. jayce your a damn idiot I love all the hate comments on here I laugh at em every damn time but everything aside sexy truck love it chevy guy here

  8. what did you do to make that thing scream like that God damn

  9. Isn't that cute… A pavement princess playing in the mud…

  10. truck sounds like a fucking bobcat. sexy ass truck btw! no truck is too nice to play in the mud.

  11. nice truck Kevin but maybe you need someone to drive it (:

  12. Was that clutch smoke at 1:00? I'm pretty sure it was.

  13. Lol when there's a video of a nice truck like this on the road people talk crap about it being a mall crawler. Now there is a video of a nice truck in the mud and people are complaining about it being too nice to take off road. Smh

  14. Don't see what's the purpose Mud Riding is Dumb and Stupid.

  15. i like beetle poop and stuff

  16. kyle post the link…  its my old truck i wanna see where it's at now

  17. and now its on craigslist for 28,000$

  18. GEIL GEIL GEIL scheiß auf die Stasi Geißel EU und die Grünen Baaaaaaaaamm !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. What size are the stacks?

  20. This is quite literally the nicest truck I have ever seen

  21. this one has the biggest + most clouds of coal in it than all 3 combined!!

  22. why take such a pretty truck through mud?? Nice video tho

  23. It need be on the rode not the mud

  24. after seeing this now we wanna see more!!!!

  25. will there be more mud vids like this coming soon?

  26. That's a street queen right there. That isn't no mud king.

  27. nice fuckin truck man gettin one when i get back but in black 

  28. I love all the trash talkers on here bc most of them are probably still riding with their moms lol but nice truck man

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