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These clips are for educitional purposes only, be careful when you drive, always wear protective gear when you ride!!!
These are not my videos, i only make compilations , thanks to the guys who recorded them. Please do not OFFEND the authors of these footages ! Here is some of their instagram profiles : r.o.l.l.crawlers… sxs.video_… Dirt ObseXXion… And my instagram


31 Responses to “Epic atv utv fail and win ✌️”

  1. Dirty Kuzz

    Over half of the people in this video are inexperienced i grew up riding on mountains rivers streams and all kinds of places i promise none of this has ever happened to me ive flipped one bike in my life which was because some jack ass pulled out in front of me when i was going down a old trail and i hit a tree after locking my breaks up bc i would have killed him if it hit him


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