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Some of this year’s best Epic Fails and Big wins Special thanks to all of the people who make these videos possible. Ford F-250 owner gets arrested for doing a public burnout. Footage from all over the country High flying trucks, epic lawn darts, and legendary smashes and crashes. Footage from: Central Florida Motorsports Park Astatula Fl, Redneck Mud Park Punta Gorda Fl, Maximum Power Park Poland NY, Daytona Beach Truck Meet, Lazy Springs Recreation Park, Twitty’s Mud Bog Ulmer, South Carolina. Special Thanks To Kevin Peters, Kelly Faile, my dad and Jason From Mud Stamp Films.
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50 Responses to “Epic Fail/Win 2018 Truck Edition”

  1. Hiram Gonzalez

    Maybe this has been asked before, but allow me to ask again: how much it costs to build a truck like these?
    Seems like an expensive hobby.

  2. Аleksejs М

    Не в одной стране мира люди так не прикалываются.это круто.я люблю Америку.привет из Латвии.😉

  3. Mutherfuqbucket

    I remember back in the day some guys would throw their trucks in the mud and just grind through to the other end. Now they got guys doing fuckin wheelies through the pit! My how far we’ve come!

  4. Rory Bracamonte

    jajaja No es que yo quiera meter la política en esto, pero puedo apostar que si al chamo que tenían esposado hubiera quemado caucho aquí en Venezuela y la policía hubiera procedido al arresto el titular allá en USA de seguro que sería que el estado venezolano viola los derechos humanos a un pobre joven que estaba pacíficamente quemando caucho hay que aplicar sanciones, pero buena por el pana se lució.


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