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Epic Quad crashes and fails compilation part 3.[2013 edition]
Music: sYnCHAoZ – A Faded Visage (Instrumental) [0:00]


39 Responses to “Epic Quad – ATV Crash / Fail Compilation – part 3 [2013 edition]”

  1. beefcake3131

    I love quads and rode them for about 15 years, but this video is demonstrates part of why I switched to dirt bikes…..You don't have a 500 pound plus machine tumbling after you if you wreck. Or in my cousins case you get thrown over the handle bars, then your own quad chases you down and runs you over lol.

  2. 8ile

    Don't put music in the future ones. And have the decency to put links to the original uploader's YouTube site in the description.

  3. Cody

    People saying quad bike sound stupid. It's not a bike bi means two…. It's a quad.. quad means four. And these guys suck at riding anyway.

  4. Tammy Forbes

    I am 37 and have been riding since I was 3 and the worst wreck I ever had was on a dirt bike a truck hit me head on at 45mph and I broke my leg in 5 places my arm in 4 places and cracked my hip but I have never been hurt on a atv. If I can't make a hill I bail off and grab the quad to try and prevent it from rolling sometimes it works sometimes it don't. So in my eyes bike are just as dangerous as quads.


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