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The heart of the Rally Monster Nitro truck line has always been a .18 engine with reliable and consistent power for tough off-road driving. With revised porting and crankshaft, internal airflow has been optimized for increased power and torque. With the new design 2.4Ghz remote control pistol transmitter is every RC Car Driver dream to get their hands on a full-range 2.4Ghz system.


28 Responses to “Exceed RC Nitro Gas Powered Rally Monster Truck Overview/Action”

  1. 19Herofade92

    Everyone complains about pull starts breaking. How about you learn what a flooded engine is and stop pulling on the damn thing! Dont blame the product. Blame yourself for lack of knowledge.

  2. GSGExtreme44

    I've bought two of these – Gearbox died on both of them and the sad thing is I've looked all over for a replacement gearbox and can't find one – I will never put a piece of shit like this ever again –

  3. ツMocky

    Where can you get the electric starter and how do you install it. Can it be put on the forza model and can you make a video about it.

  4. Rafael

    I have the same brand of rc car as this one. Mine if called the “Forza”… Anyway I need help with buying fuel. I found one that’s call “RACE RTR20, 20% NITRO , 16% OIL, 1Quart. Is this one good?


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