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Friday, April 19th, 2019


by February 12, 2019 Redneck Fails

This is from Hillclimb Ohio’s first two days in Florida climbing the best hills in the state! The Hillclimb Florida group didn’t disappoint and has some amazing hills for a state known to be mostly flat. Great group of guys down there that have some crazy skills and enjoy climbing as much as us Ohio boys! Part 2 of this trip is coming soon and has bigger climbs with even crazier crashes



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  1. Here in England we go up hills like that on an Honda C90

  2. Idk if all of y’all are running them but saw one guy running elka shocks an was wondering if he liked em.

  3. Who the hill climbs and doesn’t have there helmet fastened all the way.

  4. My kids loved this!! Great video!

  5. Where in Florida are there hills like that? Gotta be damn near Georgia. Great video man!!

  6. Looks pretty fun. Enjoy why you can because they will be most likely be shuting that riding areas down from the ruts you guys are leaving all over the place. That's what happening at the sand dunes over here west cost.

  7. That yellow raptor just eats those hills up

  8. that dude hit his head so f'ing hard on that tree holyyyyy :O

  9. Leaning forward over the handle bars and keeping more weight up front all throughout the climb will help a great deal keeping the bike from flipping back. I mean leaning forward all the way. I take on slightly smaller hills with a Grizzly 700 and with your core over the handlebars you have little to worry about flipping back.

    Excellent footage though, this is up there with the best, especially the teamwork with the tow strap and chain at the top of the hill, that was unique.

  10. Looks like croom! Great place to ride

  11. can afford a ATV.. only buys helmet… yea good one guys.. fucking smart

  12. So do you guys actually make it up hills, or just get to the last little bit and let your buddies pull you up?

  13. All stump pullers, that's the problem

  14. Amateur day in Ohio… def weren’t in my area. 😂

  15. where in Florida is this?

  16. I think an 89 Quadzilla 500 do better than that

  17. Sehr nice. Weiter so. Quadpower !!!

  18. He felt bad about the first miss lick and was gonna be damned if he missed the second one

  19. Maybe someone else should man the hook … how do you miss that

  20. Y’all are crazy, great video
    Those cliffs at top of hill are enough to keep me from trying

  21. 2:00 who else’s legs tensed when ever he was pulling it up😛

  22. If you are from ohio come to walhonding hills campground it is some are impossible for shire you guys would like it I promise

  23. you mofos are crazy, that camera does that hill no justice, its huge! nice vid, sub from me

  24. Ole boy on the yellow YFZ can ride!!!!

  25. Tennessee is where the real hill climbs are

  26. Anything beside paddle tires

  27. Some real tires would help

  28. Great times and awesome video

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