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Blooper Dudes XC: for the best in mwxc.IXCR.gncc.and all around good time at the races bloopers crashes hillclimbs and mud.

Moto Madness 2016
Extreme Hill Climb Madness | Epic ATV & Dirt Bike Crashes –


45 Responses to “Extreme Hill Climb Madness | Epic ATV & Dirt Bike Crashes”

  1. Vincent Canada

    these spectators that decide to be the riders hill insurance need to do a better job of jumping to the bikes as soon as the momentum slows down and try and save the riders some repair bills lol i can't imagine how many bent handle bars alone are out there lmao… but i know its not easy trying to grab ahold of any bikes on a hill… trying to roll back down at that lol

  2. divineshot16

    @MotoMadness. I would love to contact one of you about a subject im researching for school. it would be an honor to talk to you guys. Please contact me if you can

  3. eric proulx

    All i can say is it must be nice to be ritch spoiled bitches that can afford to destroy mother nature, burn fossil fuel for nothing but destroying mother nature, and taking iron which is used as a building materiel to destroy and rebuild useless pieces of equipment on a hill.. Congratulations.. Whoever climbed the hill.. You are all destructive pieces of crap 🙂

  4. Nash1a

    What kind of demented hill climb competition is this with 2, 3 and 4 riders all running into each other at the same time. I've never seen a sanctioned hill climb where more than one competitor on the hill at a time. This looks way beyond dangerous. This looks stupid-dangerous.

  5. Nash1a

    This is an unnatural act! Its obvious the natural thing is to go downhill. See? Each one falls off and goes back down hill. LOL.

  6. Michael Mills

    these guys must be rich, stupid and bored @ the same time!! Who would want to tear up a new machine like we see here on hill climb?! Bike after bike! What a shame!! Calling for all you bored rich douche bags PLEaSE DONAte that machine you hATE to Milwaukee Twisted Iron Inc! MM

  7. Sisteelin

    These kids are absolutely trash at climbing hills. As soon as they get some grip they gas it and their front wheel comes up. Not to mention they are sitting WAY to far back on the seat.

  8. CrispyNinja

    best video ever man i want so many more of these!!! i was so sad when it ended but ill probably watch over and over again until we get another 🙂 and i don't know where these places are but i wanna go 😀


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