40 Responses to “#FailArmy Redneck Motocross”

  1. Farmer Jon 25

    "This is jake.This is Jake's bike. he's gonna try and climb this here sofa". Is it just me or is that as random as. This is me. This is by baseball bat. I'm gonna try and eat this container of whiped cream. You guys come up with the most crazy and entertaining stuff and get it all on film.

  2. Jones m4n117

    Haha looks like me and my friends! Have any of y'all been seriously hurt while riding? Or are y'all too good of riders to crash? 😉

  3. 1994andrew1994

    I bought my yz450 off a kid from the country… Damn, I didn't think this is what "never raced, just used for around the farm" meant lmao poor thing

  4. Chris Bennett

    You guys should make a video like you are all racing on a track or sum where on the trails if it's rrly epic u could get more subscribers and likes


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