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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. I see have of these half of the idiot's were smart enough to wear helmets!! No wonder why quads have a bad rap! Stupid people like some of these shouldn't be aloud to reproduce offspring!

  2. How can atvs be dangerous? Then these people got on one

  3. Ta sarna chyba długo nie pozyla, ale sama chciala

  4. 0:35 Where is found this video ?

  5. Never ‘hey you ok?’ Just instant laughing at the person

  6. 7:07 just coast down!!!! The brakes can be your enemy at certain times.

  7. Ese señor se callo
    Que feo el video

  8. I liked your video I subscribed to you please subscribe back! Thanks feel free to chat with me! 🙂

  9. 1:40 now that the laugh of an intelligent man 😂

  10. These people should not be aloud to be in a ten mile radius of a quad lol

  11. 0:50 those two idiots win….wears helmet but doesn't have it strapped on then the dude in the yellow tries to catch the 600lb atv LAMO

  12. z fartem jak to sie mowi hehe za kompilacje sie bierzesz zioooom? moge cos czasem podesłac xd pozdrówki

  13. 1:38 sounds like Patrick laughing 😂

  14. zawsze mnie zastanawia co ludzie maja w glowie próbując łapać kilkuset kilogramowa przeprawowke 😉

  15. Albo grubo albo wcale 😀 Się pośmiałem :D:D:D

  16. autch that hurt just to look at

  17. he he, ale pacany 😉

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