Friday’s are for fails!! This Fails of the Week has a few ATV fails, snowboarding fails, and some awesome skate fails. Let us know which clip made you laugh the hardest and be sure to send us your videos at!!


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Video links:
Couple Gets Knocked Down by Wave During Selfie Attempt
Guy Goes Flying Off Snowmobile
Amateur Cook Lights Stove on Fire
Guy Falls Because of Loose Rock on Climbing Wall
Guy on Four Wheeler Jumps Off Loft
Dog gets clobbered on 300ft Slip-n-slide
Driver Breaks Through Ice Window for a Bottle of Beer
Friend’s Eat Sand During Slip n Slide Attempt
Motorcycle Lands on Top of Car
Lizard Gets Stuck in Hair
Dog Awkwardly Flops into Water
Tow Truck Tries Flip Overturned Dump Truck
Snowboarder Wipes out on Powder
Skateboarder into Kid
Cat Jumps Up in Attempt to Catch Toy Mouse
Skateboarder Attempts Jump and Falls
Power Line Crashed Down Onto Street
Kid Faceplants Slide at Pumpkin Patch
Teen Plays with Remote Controlled Car
Guy Does Backflip Off Table and Hits Chin
Guy Falls Off Bike During Trick Attempt
Biker Bails During Backflip Attempt and Lands Hard on Ramp
Twelve Year Old Drives Car Into House
Dirt Biker Falls Off Cliff
Skateboarder Attempts Jump and Falls
Kid Gets Whacked in the Face with a Bat
Dirty Water Splashes on Van
Truck Does Burnout In Front of Cops and Gets Pulled Over
Skateboarder Falls and Runs Into Rail
Guy Tries to Climb up Rock Formation
Trio Does Acro Yoga Stunt and Falls

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Fails of the Week: Go ahead and send it! (May 2017)
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35 Responses to “Fails of the Week: Go ahead and send it! (May 2017)”

  1. Sterling Crockett

    4:30 When I was eight, my dad let me drive his Datsun around, just like this guy. And just like this guy, I ran it square into something, in my case a large hedge. Then because it was a manual I stalled it again. To work the pedals I had to slouch and couldn't see over the dashboard and looked at the instruments ahead and the sky out the windshield above. My introduction to driving!

  2. Matthew Robinson

    1:27 – Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm just wondering how an Australian Eastern Water Dragon ended up in the US, I thought those guys were protected?! Or Is it another type of Lizard?

  3. IAnimalLoves

    For those saying fail army will never answer your question about the song at 2:42, clearly if you were smart you would be able to tell that the music came with the video and failarmy did not apply it, therefore if used common sense, fail army probably does not know the song, plus it's foreign.

  4. Gray-Scaled

    To better understand the car with the icy window: the win is the bashing of the ice to grab a nice cold beer, the fail is drinking and driving. Don't do drugs kids.


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