First ever Monster Truck front flip – Monster Jam World Finals 18 XVIII (2017) in Las Vegas. History was made March 25, 2017 at the Monster Jam World Finals XVIII (18) in Las Vegas, when VP Racing Fuels Mad Scientist driver Lee O’Donnell completed the first-ever front flip in a Monster Jam truck in competition.

Monster Jam® is the world’s largest and most famous monster truck tour where world-class drivers compete in front of capacity crowds in racing and freestyle competitions. Monster Jam features some of the biggest names including Grave Digger®, Max-D™, Monster Mutt®, El Toro Loco®, Mohawk Warrior® and more thrill fans with jaw-dropping displays of gravity-defying feats.

Monster Jam performs more than 350 live events every year and fans can also experience the non-stop excitement through televised programming on FS1. Every year, the prestigious Monster Jam World Finals are held in Las Vegas, where a Racing World Champion and Freestyle World Champion are crowned.

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37 Responses to “First ever Monster Truck front flip – Monster Jam World Finals 18 XVIII (2017) in Las Vegas”

  1. Alexander James

    Hey Monster Jam! I'm a video producer at the New York Post. We'd love permission to use this video on our website and social media. We can credit your YouTube page. Please let me know as soon as you can! Thanks, Alex!

  2. Poppy624537

    This was ridiculous!!! In a good and bad way. Insanely awesome trick, but this did not deserve the win. It is a frontflip, yes, but is that enough among a boring run? His run lacked the pace of Avenger and Neil Elliott, and although he did a backflip and had a huge wow factor, so did they. Seriously though, how many Lee O' Donnell fanboys/fangirls were voting?Neil Elliott had a better rhythm and pace to his run than Avenger, who had a better rhythm and pace than Lee. No matter what, bias in judging will never go away: it will just pass from one faulty medium to the other. This is not FELD's fault: it is YOU. The people THERE. The people who gave Lee O' Donnell a 10 for one move irrationally, instead of looking at the entire run. Avenger and Neil Elliott clearly were better.

  3. Woey Jhite

    I'm a big Neil Elliott fan but I must admit the win could have gone either way. Neil had a slightly better overall run and his reverse backflip but this is literally one of the greatest moves in 25 years of Monster Jam. Neil has a lot of years left in him to win championships.


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