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Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
First Mud Run (Lifted Mudding Mower)

First Mud Run (Lifted Mudding Mower)


WHAT AN ADVENTURE! The lifted mudding mower goes for it’s first REAL ride! There were some issues, but when it was working, it was pretty crazy!
Then the thunderstorms rolled in!

Driver: Mean Mower

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  1. i like to bring my mower to your place to go in the trail mud mower

  2. Need to put some Super Swamper vampires on it

  3. If you had a little more money at the time id say it would have gone better

  4. lawn mowers are for cutting grass. and not the kind ya smoke

  5. I like the lawnmower thing when you have had everything else and just looking for a cheap new hobby it fun ..but if your going to get a three wheeler man up and get the Yamaha. tri-z ..the one that banned three wheelers

  6. you should get better front wheels so it works better steering

  7. at :25 u can see ur blazer sittin on blocks in the backround. i wonder howmany mowers it would take to drag that thing around

  8. Axle paddles and that beast would be Unstoppable

  9. you guys are losers buy a quad like a real man pussys

  10. needs different back tires they suck needs more tread

  11. Nice video I think though with the possibility of young kids like my 3 year old grandson watching your videos maybe a little censorship on the language would be good.

  12. makes sense it sucks. it's a toro!!! At least it runs better then a chevy

  13. I go pick up my first mower today !!

  14. Where do I get ur shaft driven tires

  15. bought a running craftsman with 12.5 briggs for 10$ at an auction, im suprised how cheap this hobby is! time for a romp!

  16. I`m tryin to hook up a hydrostatic that swivels on the front or go payloader style hopefully it will be done this summer. nice vid!!

  17. it is cool im getting a four weeler

  18. How'd you get those tires on the front I got some just like that on the back I need to know how to put them on the front

  19. i like your black lawnmower but i have a question how did u get it to go so fast i have one that i've been working on an it only go's 20mph

  20. Lawn mower off roading is dumb

  21. lol only problem is bud light drink regular bud

  22. do all three of u smoke or just jake and mean mower

  23. You know your redneck when you have lifted lawn mowers and a 30 strapped to the floor

  24. you got like those trail wolf also i like wolves

  25. The front tires are too wide, they are too hard to push. Try using some narrow dirt bike front wheels/tires. That's how the old Ford Model T pushed through very deep mud.

  26. ونا عشاق شفايفك

  27. what do you do with mowers

  28. Fearless you should do a video reviewing tires. Do you put tubes in the tires?

  29. do you think i could do this with my push mower? you fucking moron.

  30. it doesn't make sense u put big tires on the front tho should really come up with a way to make 4wd

  31. i think that be fun.. grew up drivin sleds and bikes know all about fun i think this be a cool new hobby

  32. Jake gettin off his tractor at 7:21 😂😂. He just rolls right off 😂

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