WHAT AN ADVENTURE! The lifted mudding mower goes for it’s first REAL ride! There were some issues, but when it was working, it was pretty crazy!
Then the thunderstorms rolled in!

Driver: Mean Mower


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43 Responses to “First Mud Run (Lifted Mudding Mower)”

  1. Precision engines and car audio

    I like the lawnmower thing when you have had everything else and just looking for a cheap new hobby it fun ..but if your going to get a three wheeler man up and get the Yamaha. tri-z ..the one that banned three wheelers

  2. joseph mcgavin

    Nice video I think though with the possibility of young kids like my 3 year old grandson watching your videos maybe a little censorship on the language would be good.

  3. Lee K

    I`m tryin to hook up a hydrostatic that swivels on the front or go payloader style hopefully it will be done this summer. nice vid!!

  4. Elder Hardin

    The front tires are too wide, they are too hard to push. Try using some narrow dirt bike front wheels/tires. That's how the old Ford Model T pushed through very deep mud.


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