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Friday, April 19th, 2019

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  1. Thought that only happened to me lol.
    Had one last year with the Commander where the front tires just dropped into the hole and hung up.
    Cheers, Pete

  2. Very cool your videos, I practice UTV trail in Brazil, after a past on my YouTube channel.

  3. Lol pretty funny stuff, May I ask what kind of head set you use that works with your camera?

  4. Why you don't upload videos ?

  5. due Noth you have mad me want a four wheeler like your first my birthday

  6. Haha, sometimes you just need to go fast!

  7. Nasty ruts. I cringe when I see narrow ruts like that anymore, haha.

  8. Liked and subbed sick vid! Check me out if you're bored. Stay frosty and Brapp on!

  9. Them r some deep ruts Hahaha

  10. hahaha rutts were too much for the Grizz ! was a nasty looking though !

  11. The fact he got stuck before he got in the hole should have been enough to know not to proceed

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