13 Responses to “Go pro HD hero 3: ATV fail/wreck while trail riding”

  1. Maritimer

    I woulda went to the machine first too lol your buddy was walking so that means hes OK lol you guys need to hit up a gym though if your gonna be riding a big bike like that haha jk

  2. Shane Jones

    I only have it set to 720 at 48fps so my upload time isnt as long. And your black may be set at a low quality if you dont know how to change the settings just look it up.

  3. Tony P

    rule of thumb is go to bike first, shut off petcock and engine. then check person(s). no one wants to be burned or have a forest or bike fire on their hands. If you didn't know this you're not very experienced.

  4. Shane Jones

    Its on my helmet and the reason it does that is because i stand most of the time and your body bends to make the movement of your head as little as possible.

  5. Shane Jones

    Thanks and yeah its the black its just i didnt record in full hd because it takes a while to update on this computer. And not really he is just new to riding but he is getting better.

  6. Justin McCormick

    I have a question, Where is the GoPro located. Because it shows your helmet not moving at all but your quad is and so is everything else?? I'm confused just a little.


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