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Check out my full review of the latest Greenlight Bigfoot Hobby Exclusive set, featuring the Big Foot Monster Truck on “travel tires”, along with a ton of extra pieces including the flatbed trailer, ramps, and spare tires. Also in this video is a review of two more hobby exclusive pickup trucks, the ACME Good Year Chevy K10, and the super cool High Roller Ford F250 “dirty version”. All of these trucks go for a roll over a row of smashed old cars, just waiting to get crushed!


33 Responses to “Greenlight Big Foot #1 Monster Truck with Gooseneck Trailer – REVIEW”

  1. JohnSTF72

    Nice motor sound effects πŸ™‚ The Big Foot Monster Truck with the small tires looks kinda funny. The High Roller II and the '70 Chevy K-10 are my favorites here. Thanks for showing these in detail!

  2. Jesse Johnson

    The kid friendly monster truck sounds are great I can still hear. They would come to the Civic Center which is indoors and so loud afterwards id be deaf for two days. Sweet trucks thanks for the vidπŸ‘βœŒ

  3. Route One64

    Great vid. Already have the Good Year Monster truck but the dirty High Roller truck is awesome. I will be on the hunt for that one. That's a must have. πŸ˜‰

  4. Ry Hop

    Great video so the way around! Love the gooseneck trailer for the Bigfoot!
    Im very pleased to see you putting out more videos lately πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
    And I'm sure your fans are happy as well!
    Like I stated before, you were the YouTube die-cast collector start for me (video wise) and I learned from the start watching your videos! I've been a collector my whole life, but with greenlight, Johnny lightning, etc, it's been serious the last couple years for me and being educated from your videos/content. Wanted to say thanks man! Keep those awesome videos coming brotha!
    -your friends from Maine


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