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29 Responses to “GTA 5 Online – Episode 196 – ATV Fail! (Feat. Nicole)”

  1. Joshua Romer

    It was hilarious when Nicole asked if they were good or bad guys… um, it's called "Grant Theft Auto 5", so it's all about being a criminal.

  2. ShawnTheGreatHD

    Buggs, would it be okay with you if I used dusk as an intro song in my videos? I know it sounds stupid that I'm asking you but I don't want to copy you.

  3. Freddy2TakeOff

    +Jeff Favignano (11:03) "She's wearing heels …"

    => So, this time +Nicole Birge is a Heels Angel 😉
    [I wonder, why I hadn't this idea earlier, like: enjoying this "adventure" while your pov … ?! ^^]


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