GTA 5 & GTA Online “The Liberator” Monster Truck Gameplay – GTA 5 Independence Day DLC! (GTA V)
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41 Responses to “GTA 5 “The Liberator” Monster Truck Gameplay – GTA 5 Independence Day DLC! (GTA V)”

  1. Officer Hambone 3

    USA USA USA USA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!       THE STRONGEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    I COULDENT IMAGINE BEING BORN SOMEWHERE ELSE IM BLEST   USA USA USA USA THE LAND OF THE FREEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Aleksander Jokic

    You don't seem like a very clever person. The idea with the flags of other nations doesn't make any sense. Do you even get the whole point of this patch? It's making fun af American patrionism and redneck narrowminds. The monstertruck is a product of this boneheaded, childish, always extremely over-the-top thinking of the arch-american. Why would Brazil have a flag on the liberator? I'm not from the US and I was not flattered or impressed with your unfinished thoughts and ideas. But what you did is what all stupid americans who are desperately trying to acclaim their nation as open-minded does. You try too hard. Don't do that. Just shut up and use your brain. And stop making 3-minute videos of yourself talking about the same thing in the same way over and over again "it's just very fun, just the whole monster-feel, just running over smaller cars, …just I love the way it handles, how it drives!". Jesus christ you're boring. That's MY feedback for you; upload more clever content, not this useless shit.

  3. Cameron Hill

    I don't Play offline I only play online so how do I put the liberator in my garage or lets say I buy it and I drive it around for a while and someone blows it up then what

  4. George Menking

    A grudge is letting someone live rent free in your head. Learn to be cool and ignore people. There's always gonna be someone who disagrees and if you can't accept that them your waisting your energy. Ignore hate and follow the love.

  5. zinc

    Anyone want to be part of our car meet . ill add u. you must bring HEAVILY MODDED/YOUR BEST CAR. (PS3 ONLY 🙁 ) If you can record please do because my capture card is broken at the moment. Right now +TheTwistedG   is recording for me. PLEASE COMMENT YOUR PSN USERNAME BELOW I WILL ADD U my username is sk8er_dude5075 {Dont judge i was like 7 xD}

  6. PraiTRaX

    Ahh The Liberator! What a vehicle! A monster truck based on independence that gives you no independence to change it at all! FANTASTIC ROCKSTAR!

  7. Dario Hall

    I know this was a smaller dlc but it does suck- you cant keep your firework launcher or fireworks. You buy the Liberator and your have to pay to use it from Merryweather. The musket is well its a musket hahaha. Best thing is new masks and beer hats IF you find that shit,in  a crate drop.

    But nobody wants to play the playlist or "event" you just sit and wait cause nobody wants to play it.

  8. JohnTheCrafter

    If it's from the Independence Day update (American holiday), why the f**k would they include other countries, I agree that they should make them but perhaps in another DLC.

  9. Leo

    I don't like the lack of customization options, It also doesn't feel like a personal vehicle. Because it lacks many of the lockouts personal vehicles had. Like. Remote detonation explosives to blow up people that try to steal your car.

  10. Dylan Bradsby

    People just need to grow up and stop crying about not being able to customise The Liberator to their country's theme. BIG DEAL, a monster truck is better than nothing and it's what all of us wanted. Hell, even if it wasn't my country's theme I'd still get it. For god's sake it's called INDEPENDENCE DAY DLC and it's released in JULY so it's AMERICAN THEMED, is that not clear enough for all you people?


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