If you listen carefully you can hear my chain skipping on the way up. I am pretty sure I would have made it all the way up had the chain been tight. On the way down you can hear a strange popping sound coming from the Banshee while I am coasting down with the clutch in. I stopped at 3:40 to listen and see what it was because I thought I had a stick or something stuck in my chain.
Twinkles takes off up Widowmaker like a wildwoman and made it quite a ways up but hit a rock or buried piece of wood and killed it just short of the gap where I got stuck on the Banshee. For a little lady she wrestled that 450 pound Raptor 700 ATV back around facing downward and rode it out of there all by herself before I could clamber up the hill to help her. Was so proud of her. “HILL CLIMB FAIL Banshee 350 and Raptor 700” is now on youtube! If you like trail riding smash that “Share” button and also don’t forget to Subscribe to my youtube channel if you want to be notified of future TrailBlogger releases!

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37 Responses to “HILL CLIMB FAIL Banshee 350 and Raptor 700 ATV Riding on Widowmaker”

  1. Danny Decheeto

    My grandpa and a bunch of friends made banshee hill then the people that went up banshee hill wanted a way down so someone made widowmaker, it was called widow maker because there was a big ass log in the middle of the road that close lines people. But that's gone

  2. HillClimbin Mofo

    I was riding by myself a few days ago and I was about to go down a hill then realized that it was damn near vertical. Me being the pussy I am I decided I'd cut left and merge onto another less vertical hill. And in doing so I get caught on a big ass patch of moss which throws me off course and I end up with my left front tire against a tree, and my entire left side off the ground. Literally couldn't do anything but put her in neutral and push it up the hill. Not sure about you, but 450 pounds doesn't go up a hill very well without a fight.

  3. burn450

    sandstars dont do well at all vs that hill, but it doesn't matter now as I hear they have shut down this and most of the other tree shots at the oregon dunes 🙁


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