Welcome to the Races and Fun Channel.This is a Hot wheels fat track monster trucks world battle of the countries tournament race .Please don’t forget to subscribe to see more fun videos.Thanks for the support.
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Published on Nov 9, 2014

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26 Responses to “Hot wheels fat track monster trucks world race battle of the countries tournament race”

  1. Edster III

    Yep as I expected, Expelled was a dud. But those Fire and Ice trucks were FAST. I'm at the beginning of rd.3 and they are dominating. The Blue Thunder Ice truck knocked out AJ Styles WWE truck, then Stone Cold. I have yet to see these fire and ice singles. I did find the 2 pack with the Yeti. That's a wicked set. It was the only one there and I haven't seen one since. I almost passed on it. Whew!! Granted they aren't models of any actual trucks, YET. But they look amazing. The wings move on the firebird. It's just proved 100% that Spin Master was a good pick after Mattel.
    It's really an amazing time to be a die cast fan of monster trucks. I really wish we had a store that sold Greenlight.

  2. Edster III

    I've been hoping for this. I've been back to the hospital again. Surgery is finally set for 1st week in May. Aside from all that Ive been a HUGE fan of these trucks. All of the brands. And you got some amazing older trucks. The School Bus was sweet. The Spider man trucks I've NEVER seen before. Nice catch my friend, you ALWAYS throw at least 5 or 6 unexpected cars or trucks. Awesome.
    One more thing? HOW did you find the 2018 Nitro Hornet? It was a free for here. As soon as a Mattel case hit, it was GONE. Scalpers were swarming all of our stores. Last year was the worst I've seen it. Sorry to yap again, but when Mattel lost Monster Jam everyone panicked. Spin Master has proven they can make awesome trucks too. Plus Mattel never missed a beat either. Getting their line up running. I was a little off at first but WOW the decos on some of these are crazy good. Hissy-Fit is a wild truck. Snake on one side skeleton on the other. I like the WWE trucks but $6 is a bit much for a repaint of a casting they have already. I know the AJ Styles is a regular pick-up casting. I love the skull for Stone Cold but it's just Bone Shaker with WWE stuff. I'll quit griping since I got all of them except for Cena or the new ones, Finn Balor, The New Day, and I can't think of the other one.
    Anyway Ill predict the School Bus, NOT new Spin Master but the older Mattel casting from 2002? Its a old old truck with a metal base and body, and the smaller tires. Those look cool but they don't roll the best. He'll get clobbered.
    Ok time to watch. Gotta see the line up- comment- then watch the main event. THANK YOU FOR THIS.

  3. tharun raj

    A lot of things happened so far.
    and it would take hours to explain .


    INDIA WON !!!!!!!
    -Like pewdiepie 👊
    -Comment T-series 📍


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