This is the second annual Faster the Dragster 4th of July Bash! Come see Sixteen Hot Wheels 1/24 scale Monster Jam Monster trucks battle it out till one moves on to become this years new “King of the Backyard”

Round one lineup “Random Generated” check out the race to see who makes it to round two and so on!

Race One – Thrasher vs Aftershock
Race Two – Virginia Giant vs MAX-D
Race three – Virginia Beach Beast vs Monster Mutt Rottweiler
Race Four – Gunslinger vs Avenger (Casino Avenger, the white one)
Race Five – Grave Digger vs Blue Thunder
Race Six – Scooby-Doo! vs Crushstation
Race Seven – Son-Uva Digger vs El Toro Loco (Black)
Race Eight – General Lee vs Bigfoot!

The driver and Crew Chief for each truck have been random generated from a list for each truck. All participants selected two trucks to be a crew member of so no matter what everyone’s on a team or two!

Check out the end credits for all the participants and the truck(s) they picked. Sorry if we left anyone out, mispronounced names and of coarse typos and out right misspellings. We are but human

Wanna see last years “King of the Backyard” take on today’s champ? head over to our instagram @ faster_the_dragster or follow the link here instagram.com/faster_the_dragster

Thanks to everyone for your kind comments, subscriptions and of coarse telling all your friends about us! It’s hard to believe we have reached over 10,000 subs in a little over a year on this channel!

Note: Faster the Dragster and the Diecast Daredevil Show are not affiliated with or sponsored by any of the fine products used in this video either known or unknown. The track ramp is custom built by C.M. If you wanna know about what materials to use for your own ramp please let us know and will be glad to steer you in the right direction!


46 Responses to “Hot Wheels Monster Jam Racing! – 4th of July Bash – King of the Backyard!”

  1. jburgess5

    Just wondering how well a 1/64 hot wheels car would run on this track? It would be interesting to see a race of this type on this track.

  2. Thomas Partin

    fantastic production!! excellent entertainment!! being that their monster trucks, and ideas about having a Halloween race???


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