Today we race the first eight trucks of the Hot Wheels Monster Jam 2017 Team Flag Series trucks in 64 scale! Welcome to Tabletop Monster Jam racing starring Dana Flames vs Crazy Cliff!

To build this same race all you really need is kinetic sand and a crushed car to make the spaces with. Our outside lane was longer by 13 spaces but sure enough the way we rolled our trucks on the field, this turned out to be a really great way to play this race!

Other things you’ll need to play. At least two trucks and four dice. Each player will have two dice. We used eight trucks from the new series so we divided them in half before we started playing.
As the rounds advanced we divided the trucks again (I lost three races in the first round) until we reached the final round.

If you don’t have a downhill ramp to launch your trucks it’s no problem! Simply start the trucks on a start line. Players roll to see which truck takes off first on 2d6. The player with the lower number rolled goes first and if your in the outside lane (The lane with the most spaces) you’ll roll two dice on your first turn followed by one die (1d6) then two dice on the third turn and so on. The inside lane player will only roll 1d6 (One Die) the entire race. Players choose which lane their in at the start of each new race.

For our track field we used Kinetic sand to draw out the game spaces, a plastic “crushed” car to “Cookie cut” out the spaces and a few assorted play set pieces from the Hot Wheels Monster Jam “Crash and Carry Arena” to decorate the race field.

We had 36 spaces for the outside lane and 23 for the inside lane.

Faster the Dragster and the Diecast Daredevil Show are not sponsored by any of the product makers recognized or not in this video to include “Kinetic sand” “Hot Wheels” or “Monster Jam” This is an Action Review video. Game play design by Cliff Meekins.

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20 Responses to “Hot Wheels Monster Jam Table Top Downhill Racing! 2017 Flag Series”

  1. Jerreinemy

    Wow this is actuly a great idea.. They should sell this in the supermarket, sell it with the ramps and sand with molds to make it, I got to try this with my god son

  2. Mr. Dan and Harry

    Wow you cleaned up with the flag series- I've only seen a few. See any Holiday edition monster trucks? Again I've only seen/ bought a few. Great setup as always! Well I'm planning some Christmas themed videos so perhaps we'll see you in the comments section but if not we wish you and the family the merriest possible Christmas!

  3. john meeler

    great stuff enjoy this racing game can't wait to see these trucks in the stores awesome experience work crazy cliff and miss flames


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