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Thanks for checking the video out, I hope you enjoy it. Let me know if your collecting the all New Hot Wheels Monster Trucks and tell me what ones are your favorites from the collection.

Hot Wheels continues to release new Monster Jam material and I’ve also been finding most of it at reduced prices. The Mystery Minis were only $1.50 each right from the box! I found the El Toro Loco Playset for $9.00ea from their regular $20 and the new Monster Trucks are the same price as the original Monster Jam Trucks.

For the past month or so I’ve been collecting this and that as it comes out of the stockrooms of our local department stores… Follow us on Instagram for other photos and fun videos from time to time. You can find us by the same name, Faster_the_Dragster


22 Responses to “Hot Wheels Monster Truck / Monster Jam Haul 2018 summer”

  1. Eirik Nalder

    Faster (Crazy Cliff) Will you be using Spin masters in any new videos?? They look like hot wheels is giving them a race for quality and looks! I do not know how they perform against each other if one is better that the other, maybe you could have a Compare run, I miss new vids! looks like race grooves gave up due to Youtube stricter rules on crap! Hopefully your not feeling the pinch…

  2. Kraco

    First of all, GREAT JOB on your video !!!!!!! Second of all, I'm still collecting Hot Wheels Monster Jam Trucks this year. Then I'm pretty much done buying anymore. I'm still keeping my collection and racing them. But I have to tell you, I'm not digging the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks. Oh by the way, I'm done with the SUPER TRACK. Once I get it uploading some video's, I'll let you know. I think you'll really enjoy them, I'm modifying somethings that you've never seen before. If I see some trucks from Spin Master that I might want to grab then maybe a few here and there, other than that not so much. PS. LOVING the Snow Flake comment……..LOL…..You go get 'em…….LOL….HE..HE..

  3. Retro dealer 64#

    Your races outside are awesome to the Mad Max!. So if you could do that be pretty cool👍 your tracks are deadly…. so awesome nice new haul. I found some new ones in the thrift store Scooby-Doo I found dragon that's it so far later.

  4. wendyandmanny

    Hey Crazy Cliff! I went to wal-mart hoping to score some new trucks, while I was looking them over I noticed these new Hot Wheels trucks have slightly larger tires than the monster jam trucks. How do you think that will effect the speed of these new trucks verses the old ones? Wonder how the Spin Master trucks will compare next year as well. Keep up the good work!

  5. Maiden Fan

    I’ve had a hard time finding new stuff in stores in NY. Pegs empty. Literally…thank god for eBay .. but miss the rush of hunting for trucks


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