1. Tyler Fugate

    I just wish the wheels weren't so big. I wish they kept the same wheel size as they had with the Monster Jam license. Also, the HotWheels standard pickup truck body is better than Spin Master in my opinion

  2. Joshua Wylie

    All the trucks look great OCD!!☺and I hope in the near future for hot wheels they should make the other truck called All Fried up in the 164: scale..

  3. ChaseCain356

    Legofan506 thinks this and I agree. The tires of All Beefed Up should be different colors: Red for ketchup, Yellow for mustard, Green for relish, and White for Mayonnaise.

  4. SniperX147

    Whoa, didn't realize they had secured that Dodge contract. Am I naive for starting to buy into the rumors about more real life indie trucks being produced? Because I'm having a hard time not getting hyped up for potential Raminator and Rammunition 1:64's.

    Would love to see Phelps' Monster Patrol and new Bearfoot in there too, they're classics and deserve some die-cast love.

    Laat time we saw any of them in 1:64 was with Muscle Machines way back in 2003-2004, shame they stopped making monsters, I loved their design.

  5. Janson Gander

    I just bought the 2 pack with Rodger Dodger & Dodge Charger R/T at Walmart tonight. It's the only new 2 pack I've seen there in weeks, no 1:24th at all, and nothing but the 1st issue of the Spin Master Monster Jam trucks, no 1:24th in them either. I'm not sure why the delay in getting any new trucks, but around here we just aren't getting any of them (Northeast US). Thanks for the videos and keeping us updated.

  6. Faster The Dragster

    I love this version of Hotwieler of all of them, very cool and it was my least favorite before this release of coarse. All Beefed Up I think could have been better but I have no idea how, Had to get it for the collection though. Love the Charger of coarse and I can't wait to finally have an official BigFoot soon! Awesome video, thanks for sharing! Opps, I forgot to mention the Zombie Wrex, that was one of the best versions of that one ever, too

  7. Gearhead 6971

    That Bigfoot vid ?. Just got nitro neon Digger today, noticed the roof tampo was shifted to the right. Your's too?? Chargers look sick, remind me of the General from the Thunder National tour!


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