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Mattel sent me this huge box to check out!
Monster Truck Downhill Racing Playlist

Off The Pegs: Rodger Dodger joins the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Line!

Off The Pegs: Hot Wheels Monster Trucks

Get perks such as early access and behind the scenes videos!

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24 Responses to “Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Promotional Custom Introductory Kit For Influencers”

  1. Vu Pham

    I'll be look forward to get the Bone Shaker, Hot Wheels Racing No.1, Tiger Shark, Scorcher, and V8 Bomber. They'll be my favorite Monster Trucks of the Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Series.

  2. Dave Carpena

    As much I love what Hot Wheels is doing with their Monster Trucks, are you going to review the new Monster Jam line from Spin Master any time soon?

  3. Scrapyard24c

    Not sure if you know this already but Hot Wheels has started up their own real life monster truck tour and has made some of the trucks in this toy line into the real thing. Another tidbit is that they've gotten Bigfoot on board for this, so keep an eye out for the big blue Ford.

  4. Steve Nyland

    Love the self-enclosed ramp/case!! Trying to conceptualize a portable track/diorama ensemble as an art display and the way that unfolded was beautiful.

  5. MoparGuy1998 aq

    I was just watching your highway 35 track set review and it made me think, is there any chance you would review the acceleracers sets?

  6. RehabiliToy

    I'm not really into the monster trucks but my son loves trains so we had to pick up the Loco Punk casting. Very sweet. Thanks for the review!

  7. Cars Toys and Games

    The return of Rock Intro 4… although nice song but I don’t want you put certain songs in all of your new videos. (Btw, I’m not just trying to be rude, I’m just telling). Maybe that’s why your channel was suffering from same musics in most of your videos last year in 2018. So hopefully all your videos in 2019 put different types of musics to get your channel not suffering, make it diverse, and plus not get people bored.

  8. Drivers Ed

    That box is awesome, I wish Mattel and Hot Wheels would reach out to me, I love to review their new Monster Trucks line!

  9. Thomas Bock

    The hw monster trucks aren’t my thing but I picked up Rodger dodger and Stars and Stripes because I like patriotic releases and Rodger dodger is one of my favorite fantasy castings

  10. Adam Modic

    Kinda sucks that Mattel lost the license to monster jam to spin master but its nice to see they are still managing to make their own monster trucks series


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