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  1. Hachi de Fibonacci

    What is Sweden doing to these poor immigrants? Why r they so upset. Where r the jobs they need to live amongst rich people after the promise of a new better life? 80000 sent back home? So heros let refugees in and then "me duele" flog them back. Repugnant main objective. Boycott Sweden. Shuqara hu qadar min dunya. asif. Shakawa hu gahpa min dunya. Blondes thrive of being good to bad ppl and bad to good ppl. KKK?!? Jewish adolescents at least have the decency to be bad and listen to jihad nashee

  2. Alex Schonski

    You think that Unions need to go wow ,so you think that Labour laws will remain if there was no Union movement you are confused in this assumption . It was the Union movement that forced these into law . They are the reason we have a five day work week , overtime pay  after 40 hrs , Workers Compensation , the right to refuse unsafe work , paid holidays , paid vacation , pensions  no more child labour  ect ect . These were hard earned through the fights of UNION  people who wanted a better life . The right to decent pay for a days work is not the problem . RIGHT TO WORK STATES are the problem . I am CANADIAN , my father was a TEAMSTER , I have been in the United Steel Workers , The Boilermakers,  the CAW , I am proud to be a union member .  Everyone even those not in unions have gained many of these things that unions fought for , to think there is now no need for Unions , this is a mistake , when workers drop their guard , those who make the laws will be quick to claw back everything that was hard earned through the fight of organized labour over the years .  It is important for unions to remain strong and vote as a collective at times of elections ,and chose  those who are willing to honor all that has been gained . That is my opinion .

  3. jodi darling

    unions and brave union members have gotten health benefits, weekends and job safety rules. they ended 16 hour days and child labor. i doubt any worker today (in their right mind) is eager to give those things up. read the history of unions, learn something. you are blaming the workers for the crimes of the corporations. makes no sense when you analyze it. You are being deluded my friend. the companies are at fault for sending jobs away from Americans. yes we still need unions or things will go backwards! peace.

  4. Life of Drew McDaniel

    right On!!! I hope you read this. I got this video from a Muslim friend of mine from Saudi Arabia. just thought you shot know the people you are reaching. they agree with you like I do. I must add I am a christian from south Carolina. a redneck. one word!! keep up the video's. the world loves it. America need it.

  5. Tony Xavier

    Right on brother. Work for what the company pays or find another job. Simple as that. Or you can do like I did and start your own business and make as much money as you're willing to bust your but for. It ain't rocket surgery people. Get the unions and the government out of the way and we'll all be better off (except for the lazy asses that depend on the government).

  6. 2ndshiftaudio

    So your saying let these companies just fuck us. Take what they pay and move on. I work for a company right now that expects me on the job at day break. And then be on the job all day til sundown. Then fight the traffic to get home and spend the rest of the night doing emails and daily reports to them for as long as it takes sometimes going into 2 and 3am in the morning. Up by 5am that day and do it again.And sometimes no lunch no break. Sometimes the only water I get is the water I drink on the way to the job. Sometimes I hold piss all day because simply not the chance to stop and piss. Sounds unreal doesn't it. Try living it. It sucks. Oh yeah this job is not hourly. Why do I stay you might ask. For the fear the next job might be worse. I'm not fond of a union. But, I do think a man should be respected. And expected to work a full weeks work and be paid fair wage. Working 70 and 80 hours for a 40hr pay check is bullshit.  

  7. Dean Boyer

    Why is wanting to work for a living wage ( a wage that when paid for forty hours a week should pay your rent and groceries with a little left over) pricing yourself out of a job?  If a company does not pay a living wage, the gov't picks up the difference thru various welfare and other subsidized programs. Why should the gov't (we tax payers) subsidize these large corporations labor cost. Last thing you said is the problem. You said "nothing you say is going to change my mind". You are a classic example of a man that 100% votes against his own best interests and doesn't even know it.

  8. Larry Fazen

    Fuck all them unions, don't send our jobs to Mexico, just bring a few million more Mexicans up here to do the work, comprende? What we need is more Mexican workers to replace these lazy fat overpaid ungrateful fucking white people

  9. Methen

    Other major problems also include the following:
    Temporary services which allow company's to get the work they need done and not have to worry about all  the problems that come with hiring a employee on full time, Getting rid of all of them would  defiantly solve a lot of problems for employees….

    Forcing people to file a application on line:
    a lot of those things are not worth shit  if you cannot fill out every little detail just right it don't work, My way would be to simply the application process and get rid of all that past employee  crap all you really need  is the persons contact info and the willingness to work…

    Education discrimination:

    Another Hugh load of crap, Most jobs do not need a get or college degree to actually do the job, Hell I got turned down one day when applying to shovel horse manure cause I did Not have a college degree, What most (brainless company's fail to realize is the under grad is going to have the hardest time finding work and are going to do everything they can to keep that job once they got it, compared to the know it all college grad, who thinks they are to good to get down and get dirty, most factory jobs have machines that a 5 year old can learn to operate…


    Union reform I feel could make small wonders. Respect to unions though, there are some solid ones and Americans across the map will tell you.


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