49 Responses to “Huge bike bail ramp into pond atv – (epic fail)”

  1. steve Kos

    that sucked the way it didn't show what happened after the fall. all it did was play back at a slower speed, therefore teasing the viewer out of seeing what happened afterwards.

  2. Alejandro Barrett

    I can't fudging believe that homo midget got us all here trying to find his effing comment…I'm here in 2015 to top it all off, dun even know why, i have some issues with my life i'm trying to figure out

  3. Savage Gaming

    Click show more a couple times then you will find some comments having a link saying "In reply to Ray William Johnson" click that and it'll take you to Ray's comment (Only works on computers not on mobile)

  4. smale awzome

    i find rays comment and its still there i promes take some time 2 scroll down beacuse everyone is whriting like if you get here for ray comments


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