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  1. Daphne Dade

    Y now? 400 years and now u want to think about change? It's hard to change after 40 and u think 400 would be any easier? Naw it's ieasier for a camel to pass thru the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the KINGDOM OF YA…remember?

  2. Penny Bellamy

    that's the reason white people dig in other races culture they don't have one of there own they are the ones that are left out pitiful mention seekers from other race's everything they no they learned from black people they crave there attention sad and I mean sad

  3. Penny Bellamy

    let me say this white people don't have a culture every race that exist has a race except them they don't want you to no that it's true they don't I wish Dixon would talk on that that's the reason there uncomfortable and miserable and you no misery loves company those people hate them selves seriously

  4. Shonté

    Mr. Dixon I am so proud of you and to you for answering your calling. Keep the videos coming, America needs you and those like you to help to encourage others to let go of their hatred.

  5. meep the cheap

    I can't say, "Thank you!" enough!! I love the videos! You are very correct! We need to be responsible and fix this problem. I have been saying for many years that we as White People need to stand up against the racial diffrences that go on in America. Blacks have been silences and the white community doesn't want to hear them. It is now the responsibility of whites to help them fight this or it will not change. Only we can help by standing with them will to make the diffrence!

  6. Juan Novella

    I am Latino and I am temporarily living in Johannesburg, South Africa. My boyfriend is a white South African who grew up in privilege, but he is 100 open to talking about race and racism, more so than virtually every American I have ever met. South Africa is more segregated than USA, but in many ways they have less and different types of racism than we do in US. For one thing, South Africans aren't afraid to talk about race, like Americans. And the fact that whites here are a minority, politically and nunmeicaly, makes a huge difference. But in other ways they have a longer way to go than we do in America. I talk about race and racism all the time here and the white people value and seem honestly intrigued by my perspective as an American person of color. My bf was very impressed and moved by your passion, bluntness and no nonsense approach. It helped him see where I am coming from sometime as an American of color. I love the US, and the contradictions of perspectives in our country are startling. Thank you for making this video.

  7. THE HUN Chronicles

    dude you gave prophecy back in 2015 when you talked about fixing things before the vengence and retribution look at what is going on now ….you got my vote brother

  8. Dixon White

    I am honored and humbled by the outreach and love from so many beautiful souls.
    Well I don't use my real name because I don't believe it is important, so I go by Dixon D. White. But I am just a simple southern guy who was raised in a small country town in the south, who is still hoping to find a wife to start a family and settle down with. I do hope to make a movie one day about our culture of white supremacy, we will see. I have always connected with movies. I used to do filmmaking and acting but gave it many years ago. The last few years when I'm not working trying to pay the rent I have been studying up on race and issues of race.

    I was raised by my mom and great grandmother. Those two women taught me love and taught me how to love. My Cuban father was never around much due to a divorce when I was very young, but I got to see him some on the weekends. so growing up I never got to learn much about my Hispanic heritage on my dad’s side. I still ride my 4wheeler, and I love my ford truck. Lol. I always considered myself a redneck at heart. I just don't hill Climb anymore I broke 3 ribs doing that! But absolutely nothing better to me than riding the trails in tn on my Atv.

    Growing up I was programmed by our racist society, I used to use the nword growing up without even giving it a thought, and then because of suffering and abuse I endured I began to understand prejudice and racism, I made a promise to myself and God many years ago that I would always fight against prejudice and racism.

    Also let’s make a movement America!
    I am asking for a Racial Healing Video Selfie Challenge from everyone, take the challenge! Let's fix this damn thing!
    (The video should address our culture and systems of white supremacy without a "but" in it and without denial and defense of it.)

  9. Max Mc

    You are doing the white race a great service. If no white speaks up against this awful injustice against all the other races, then all the other races will believe that ALL whites are racists. There are many good whites out there but why won't they speak up?

  10. DAKaasa

    Thank you for buying an American made vehicle, many jobs depend on buying those USA vehicles. I also drive a f150 🙂 I used to help make Ford Rangers up here in Minnesota, then they closed the factory 🙁 Thanks for taking on the problems of the world and talking about it. *Ya'll remind me a little of my sons. Don't forget to take a break and relax and enjoy life also 😉 <3

  11. Purple4Epilepsy

    Mr. Dixon

    Your the man, I watch the news every day and see what our country is doing to itself. Dixon we are all Americans. Im Hispanic yes but im American and its not about shooting people or skin color because in the end what it comes down to is, everybody needs somebody Dixon. A shoulder to cry on.

  12. bo ter berg

    I agree, and am not that comfortable in my whitish skin because of this.
    Apart from the discrimination, there is also the fact that the western (mostly white) world keeps on consuming, using all resources, polluting, destroying nature, and with that, the planet. Yeah you fish & hunt … the bigger the catch, the more manly you feel. So the biggest and healthiest (and procreating adult) animals you kill for trophy, preventing them to breed and make the species stronger. Instead you make the species smaller & weaker.
    You need a bigger car, because with bigger toys you feel more sure of yourself.
    You use any appliance so you can show off the new electrical blower to kindle a fire instead of blowing the flames with your own breath. As long as it uses power, either gas or electrical, it's a must have gadget. 
    The food you wanna eat is all more or less the same taste & consistency, as kids also only wanna eat a very limited diet. Salty, sweet and not too hard to chew. 
    If instead of consuming more, consuming LESS would become a trend in the US, there would still be hope, as the US with the 300+ million would start spending less resources then 50% of the global amount (there are over 6 billion peeps on this planet, so 5% of its population uses up 50%), if they'd stop producing every little ridiculous and useless utensil/gadget (producing costs resources), and start to GROW UP, act RESPONSIBLE and acquire some CONSCIOUSNESS and STOP trying to earn & spend more every day, there is no chance the future will be any good on this planet. Ask yourself if driving a 4-wheel to the supermarket is sustainable, especially if the whole of china and india do that. If everyone on earth had the same energy consuming habits as the average US citizen, how long would we last ?
    We are all told to consume, as that is good for the economy. The economy thrives on money-flows, so taxes have to be payed, so the government has $$.
    SPEND LESS is the only way to turn the tables.
    To me, as a euro, the culture in the states looks like one of kids. Everybody wants toys and eat snacks, preferably in a restaurant, and earn & spend as much as they can because of status. 
    OK, I said it, now let me get ready for some flak, if anyone reads this anyway ;o)
    Cheers !

  13. Yahya Kamara

    Listen Up Mr. Neo Fawkes, 

     I do agree with other people who feel that your (HIDDEN) behind a Mask and unit form to hide your real I.D. Face.  Let Dixon White or what ever you think his real name is or should be the point he making about White People is true.  
     Dixon White maybe a Red Neck or Not Red Neck the point is he showing his real face and he informing the public the truth.      Hey Neo Fawkes ask yourself why are you hidden behind a Mask???

    White People like myself and you should be informing Black Americans or Black People of their real I.D. and languages from Africa or Middle East. As White People know it's even wrong to address those people as African or Black Americans because they do have Nationalities and come from Tribes.

    We should (SUPPORT) Dixon White to get him to talk more. 

    Adolf Himmler  I do agree with pretty much about Adolf Hitler ideas about the European Jews because the European Jews control Banks, Newspapers and much of the earth. We should be looking at the Rothchild family.
    "Black America is going to rise up" "Brown America is  going to rise up"

    The real problem is from the FAKE Jews trying to be Hebrews.  Adolf Hitler was correct about the European Jews or want to be Jews (Bankers) are the real problems.

    Dixon White is (NOT) is not trying to  BASH White People.

  14. Tonya Book

    I'm standing up! Of course I've been trying to stand up and one person can't do it alone. It's going to take ALL white Americans to acknowledge and accept the truth!

  15. fkujakedmyname

    technically oligarchy but they use race and the media to keep people divided because the thing they fear most is poor blacks and poor whites figuring out who is really hurting them and stop blaming each other they are screwed

  16. Bruno Michel Silva

    Way to go, Dixon! That's how we do it. We set things in motion, raise awareness, interact, building relationship structures, bond and then move on to the next phase, as you mentioned, with more active steps to ensure equality for all.
    My take goes far beyond though, being a disciple of Christ Jesus, believe that God created men equal, that He created only the Human Race, not "races", and that Jesus Christ saves, and so I am also concerned with the souls of men.
    But your take in this adds your own unique perspective, affecting things in a way that only you can affect. With that said, what you're doing can leverage real solutions. Keep posting these vídeos! Never give up! 😉 God bless ya!

  17. kupcakek1

    Pigmentocracy, now that's a new one and I may have misspelled!  I don't think many whites even after all these years are ready to confront the huge elephant in the room of racism.  I just commend you Dixon White for doing this, God Bless you and I know God is smiling on you! 🙂


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