On my journey through the Southern US summer 2016, my first interview was with good ‘ole boy Bill Jones. He shared about his life, his outlook on the world, and why he flies the Confederate flag.

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37 Responses to “Interview with an Arkansas “Redneck””

  1. The Periphery

    1/29/2019 UPDATE: For those asking, I did return last month to see Bill on my way to Houston for filming my documentary series on homelessness in America. Unfortunately, I only met Bill's barking dogs. So instead of a third follow-up (follow up video #2 is here

    , I left Bill and Jo (his lady) a note wishing them well along with some $. I will stop by again when the time is right. Thanks for watching, and thanks for caring about Bill:)

    12/21/2017 Update: It's out! Here's the video of my return visit to Bill, where I give him the $500+ we donated and then follow up with him about his life today.

    Enjoy, and thank you again for helping make this video. It was because of the comments here that I decided to do the fundraiser and make the return trip.

    Merry Christmas to you. We certainly helped make it merry for Bill and his family.


    p.s. Perhaps we can reach out to others I encounter on this channel, to help them along their way.

    p.p.s. To learn more about–and to contribute to–my journalism projects, go to my Patreon page: https://www.patreon.com/ThePeriphery/overview
    If you have an interesting person you'd like me to interview, email me at brandon@theperiphery.com

    12/14/17 Update: Merry Christmas, Bill Jones. We did it! Thanks to Bill's son Lance and of course the big hearts of all the supporters, I was able to deliver $572.85 (and a card and some cookies) on Tuesday. See picture here: https://www.facebook.com/bferdig/posts/10111110779800150

    I can't wait to share the video we captured of Bill's (and his lady friend's) reaction as well as our conversation after 18 months since the first encounter. A terrific video is coming up. To know when I release it, please subscribe to this channel or send me an email and I'll add you to my weekly email list. brandon@theperiphery.com



    12/10/17 Update: The fundraiser is closed, but I'm on my way to Arkansas to deliver the $ to Bill in person. Thank you, thank you to all those who contributed. After gofundme fees, your contributions totaled $535. My friend Tom and I will surprise Bill with it Tuesday morning. And if it works out, we'll video-record his reaction and do a follow-up interview as well.

    I'll post another update here after reconnecting with Bill. So stay tuned for that. And pat yourselves on the back for setting in motion this exciting holiday delivery for Bill!


    p.s. I'll also be updating my status on Facebook (search for Brandon Ferdig) and in my weekly email to family, friends, and readers (called the Sunday Evening Post). In them, I share my latest projects, travels, and a message for the week. If you'd like to receive these emails, email me at brandon@theperiphery.com


    Many here have sympathized with Bill and his lack of electricity or transportation. Some have even expressed interest in donating if there was a way to do so. Well, I started a campaign to give viewers this chance. The money donated will all go straight to Bill to help him get his lights back on and to just help lighten his (and his lady's and their pets') burden this holiday season.

    Once collected, I will either send or deliver the proceeds personally to Bill with the help of his son, Lance, who I've been in contact with. My hope, if we can raise at least $500, is to deliver the money myself and video-record his reaction. I hope you can toss in a few dollars to give Bill a break this holiday season. https://www.gofundme.com/turn-on-the-lights-for-bill-jones

    Edit: We just passed $100 in donations. $400 more, and I'll drive down to Arkansas next month to hand Bill the check (and I hope to record it for you all to see.) Either way, Bill will get a holiday bonus this year:) Thanks to the supporters, and I hope others of you consider chipping in.

    Edit: Chris Perez just provided Bill Jones 50 more reasons for gratitude today. We're now up to $163 to help Bill get his lights turned back on this winter. $337 more, and I'll drive to Arkansas in December to deliver (and hopefully video-record me giving) this check directly to Bill.

    Edit: Well, someone took Giving Tuesday quite seriously and gave a whopping $250, bringing our total to $413. $87 more, and I'll plan to head down to Arkansas myself and deliver the check. And, who knows, maybe I'll be able to capture the delivery on camera:)

    Edit: Aaaaaand, we just $500. Okay, so I'm going to start planning my return to Arkansas to personally deliver the $ to Bill. Stay tuned. And please keep giving if you can!

    Edit: Okay, so the dates are set. I'll be heading to Arkansas the week of December 10. While there, I'll surprise Bill with his $520 (so far, it's not too late to donate). My hope is that I can capture his reaction when he opens the envelop of money. Stay tuned:) And thank you so much to those who gave!

    -Brandon, The Periphery

  2. twinentryturbo

    There's a misconception between rednecks and racists, although many are racist they can be extremely hospitable to foreigners and big city folks. Southern Hospitality still exist and real, ive experienced it, like no other hospitality ive felt.

  3. SadamAsad

    White people when they are in poverty, getting as much done as possible with what they have. Black people just complain and blame people like him.

  4. Clara Smith

    If the dogs were fixed, he wouldn't have so many of them to feed. Liberals have way better character than this dude here. Liberals accept people from all walks of life. This dude has a racist flag on his property. If you prefer this dude over liberals, you are probably a white racist man or woman.

  5. Bradly Martin

    I’m from Arkansas. I have a 4K tv, marble counter tops, sick ass back splash in the kitchen, stained concrete floors and 3 ply toilet paper. Do not confuse this with the rest of arkansans 😂

  6. Steven Marzullo

    There has not been controversy over the Rebel flag until the last couple years when offended snowflakes decided to start crying on social media.

    Nothing racist about a fucking flag. To me I always seen it as a symbol of southern pride.

    Today's scociety is pathetically weak.

  7. Mark M.

    People need to shut up about identity politics because any race can experience poverty and difficulty. I would much rather vote for him than any democrat.

  8. Conor

    He waves the rebel flag since he doesn’t feel represented or appreciated by the government. Conservatives take advantage of these people and put economic policies in place that keep them at a disadvantage. I always see people commenting on these videos “we really have so much in common even though I am (insert race) and he is a white red neck.”
    That is because the impoverished experiences are very similar.


    The similarities between how this guy and people struggling in the ghetto are living are indistinguishable. The left media tries to say guys like Bill are racist bigots and the right media tries to say everyone in the ghetto is a gangster who’s abusing welfare. The important thing is we’re American regardless of the color of your skin or where you’re from.

  10. en broder

    man, today has been the worst day in at least a year for me, ive gotten beaten up by some guys at my school then got the blame for something i didn't do and that got my dad mad at me but just watching a video of a none judging and relaxed person who dosen't seem to be able to see things in the negative way made me feel so much better. these kinds of people warm my heart for real. much love yall

  11. Sean Lemar

    Damn,he real redneck blood.😂😂😂
    Doesn't give two shits bout nothing.
    Then the girlfriend asks for cigarettes,😂😂😂;got enough proof.

  12. Noah C

    If I could I'd send this guy some Pabst, Coors, and Budweiser. With a couple packs of Marlboros and a pouch of chew. Might even throw in a few grams of kush. Respect from behind enemy lines, California.

  13. Mr B

    What people dont realise is that this man probably has more money than you….even though he has nothing. He owes nothing on the house. Probably has no credit debt, no car loan, no student loans and no other debt most people get themselves into. Id rather live lik him than have debt and live broke and scared you cant always pay back what you owe.


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