We came across this spot in the Shinsaibashi area of Osaka. The Confederate flag has been allegedly banned in all American states except for Mississippi. We decided to go inside and inquire as to why the proprietor chose to use this offensive flag to advertise the image of his establishment. Most people will argue that “Japanese people don’t understand the meaning” and while this may be true, IGNORANCE isn’t always an adequate excuse!


9 Responses to “Japanese “Rednecks” in Osaka”

  1. ivie kicklighter

    lets see this guys telling a japanese guy how bad the rebel flag is the usa drop two abombs and leveled two citys in his country is this guy retarded low IQ but hay if you new what a history book looked like the war was a power grab it started with the civel war then turned to natives in the west and freed them of there land then they went to war with spain to free more people in cuba philpines then had to go to war with germany two times the frist time they freed them of all there money the secound time they freed them of there cuting ege teck then went to japan,cuba,korea, veitnam,they have bases in over a hundred countrys and all these people that are upset about slavery if you have a cell phone in your pocket you suport slavery there made in a sweat shop by slave labor

  2. zZzleepyhead

    Is the flag really banned in all states but Mississippi? Because I live in North Carolina and I see that shit everywhere. Literally drove by someone on the highway with it on the back of his truck this morning.


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