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Thursday, April 18th, 2019
Jeeps In The Mud Compilation

Jeeps In The Mud Compilation

by March 18, 2019 Mud Runs

Jeeps & trucks playing in the mud! Mostly it’s shots of me doing stupid things with my Jeep in the mud and water with clips of other cool rigs thrown into the mix. This was shot at Kansas Rocks Recreation Park (KS Rocks) and Southern Missouri Off-Road Ranch (SMORR). Two of the shots are from Troxel’s Tough at KS Rocks. My first run through it I almost flooded the engine, but my Duratracs and TrueTrac helped pull me through the icy muck. The second time I wanted to put on a show and plopped myself into the stickiest mud I’ve ever seen. I ended up throwing a belt and burning out my steering pump on that one. Later I thought my Jeep was the Titanic and rammed a frickin’ iceberg. Looked cool. Lacking wheel speed and momentum, I didn’t go very far. I ended up throwing mud all over the place and taking on water though the door jams.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my muddy Jeeps highlight reel! I can’t wait to make another! Subscribe and check me out on Facebook.



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  1. PSA: you don’t need goofy goggles to keep mud out of your eyes. A simple hat will do. Sunglasses if you wanna be extra safe

  2. Why do stupid fucks take there doors off

  3. How did that black/dark blue 4dr jeep JK not flood its engine??

  4. is your jeep the jeep with the name berserker on the side of it oh and by the way I have a jeep but I am doing a lot of maintenance work on it as I had a crash with it and the crash ripped the suspension and damaged some other things as well

  5. 0:50 how did the engine not die with no snorkel?

  6. The best video ever honestly

  7. Achievement "Screwing Engine" unlocked at :53!!!!

  8. no lie its a fucking scary feeling when you submerge the whole hood of your jeep into a mud pit, or a body of water. I did that with my JK and had to change my alternator.

  9. No problem dude i like my car muddy from the inside

  10. looks like alot of video out at tuttle creek orv in Randolph? love going out there.

  11. My name is Dylan Wall. I was wondering if I can use this Video on my YouTube Channel. I will get you guys %100 credit for this video. I can use your URL, and copyright. let me know😆😆

  12. Nine Toileta owners came here to see this comment: Toyotas suck.

  13. My dads jeep can do most of the things that are done in this

  14. Much love to those who don't put lift kits on and still get it done

  15. that white tj is ridiculous!

  16. You guys got any older CJ5's? I was curious how the shorter wheelbase would compare

  17. what year is the first jeep? and what size tires?

  18. Do you know what kind of bumper that is on the Silver LJ? 

  19. I like your jeep the best. Duratracs look pretty good as well, for someone who would hit mud/trails/fields every now and then but mostly run pavement would you choose duratracs or Toyo RT/MT? I say MT because they simply wear great, and i could probably get a good 40,000 out of them even though they're a mud tire. The RT has a 45,000 tread wear warranty and is like the duratrac a true hybrid between an AT & MT. The Duratrac is also much lighter than the Toyo. All that said they're both expensive for a 20" rim. This is for a 2014 Sierra SLT. Awesome videos!

    We have a bronco i really want to redo as it's current state is well somewhat torn to pieces interior wise. I'd like to fix it up give it a new finish and have what you guys have with your jeeps.

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