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Wednesday, March 20th, 2019
Kanona Hicks Tony Howard Memorial Mud Run 2011

Kanona Hicks Tony Howard Memorial Mud Run 2011

by March 15, 2019 Mud Runs

Thanks to so many of you that came to this event for TONY and Thanks to all of you guys that put the Event on for 5 years for him… Grate time and allot of Fun we missed out on the first 4 years but got to go to the Best one… the Last one this year … Check out more videos like this one at our website at



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  1. @phill903 I been working all weekend for you all here on YOU TUBE and for Events in NYS.we were at The King of trucks event But Thanks to Lloyd from the Barnyard Boggers we didn't get NO footage of the Mud Trucks But allot of Footage that King of Trucks let us get.. also got the car show and other trucks, run so we made the best of it and went to the Tony Howard event and SHOULD have been at Yankee lake were i have Good Friends I let down John at Yankke lake for Lloyd and he shit on me ..

  2. no alcohol was allowed in the pits but was a blast had alot of fun

  3. why even bother with the dakota haha

  4. why did the guy ask what was in the cooler were yall not allowed to have alchol

  5. Great video Pat, hope there is part 2. memorial Mud event !!

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