NOT MY VID!- Out on a friendly, fun ride outdoors when suddenly an ATV flips, a child becomes a man, and is all caught on this Go Pro test camera.

Everyone was found to be okay (just hurt egos and a few battle scars).

P.S.A.- Always where your helmet!


Songs by:

-Relient K (Devastation and Reform)

-Crimson Vera (Trial By Fire)


31 Responses to “Kid fails and flips on ATV! *Funny*”

  1. josephmars20

    Get some helmets on you fucking idiots and maybe next time stop the quad before you jump in front of it you dip shit moron fuck! Never seen such dumb people.

  2. snakeairsoft leger

    one thing that i own snakes see you where wrong you said im a fat lossers makeing vids of cornsnakes but i dont have corn snakes i have a im mean a cornsnake see 1 cornsnake not many one dipshit and yes im big because im a goalie and i cant way 50 pounds and im a lineman because i can take down 2 kids at once and i did not read the descripson and i dont just make vids about snakes i have airsoft vidss and riding vids im a red neck with money and i love the thing the thing about linemen lololo

  3. snakeairsoft leger

    if your tgalking abot me its cornsnaake because i own 1 corn snake and a sand boa and if u are talking about me i have foot ball friends hockey friends to xbox friends and school friends an ridding friends so ya i dont have friends and i ride and wear a helment and if you are talking to me i have been ran over by a 300 and laughed and fliped a 250 and laughed im pretty sure ure talking to me and i may be and i may fat but im a offense lineman a deffense lineman and a hockey goalie and im 5"11 so


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