What went wrong here is that I never could get around to setting up a soflam. It instead turned into some pretty good video footage as a gunner.

As always, my commentary is recorded live while playing. Naturally this causes problems with any sort of unscripted but focused commentary such as a tutorial…especially when I can’t keep a fake accent to save my life.

The idea came to me when myself and two randomly encountered people who are evidently friends were waiting for a Gulf of Oman match to fill up. They were practicing flying. I came for the same reason. Eventually 2 against 1 and after a few unlocks (and recently watching GrayDongle’s Noob Hunter), the idea sort of clicked in my head. First I wanted to do an Australian accent but I can’t do it. So I went with the next funniest thing; various redneck and country-boy accents.


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