This is a Music Video montage from the 1987 VHS Tape “The Living Legend – Bigfoot 4x4x4” Song is titled “Legend of Bigfoot”

The video this came from is probably one of the rarest Bigfoot tapes out there. I had a copy of this tape when I was 4-5 years old, but then it got lost during a move. I then found the video again about 15 years ago at a Blockbuster video and that was the last time I saw it.

I emailed Bigfoot 4x4x4 a few years ago inquiring about the tape and they didn’t even have it.

A few weeks ago, on a whim, I searched for it on ebay (which I had done several times in the past). Low and behold, someone posted the tape for sale. I immediately bought it and I had it within a few days. I am now sharing this clip from the tape. This music video is probably why I like this tape so much. After 21 years, this still brings a smile to my face every time I watch it as I am reminded of the wonderful days of my youth.

Bigfoot 4x4x4 is the property of Bob and Marilyn Chandler.


24 Responses to “Legend of Bigfoot – The Original Monster Truck”

  1. Avabeth McGhee

    In Final Fantasy XV, I modded my Regalia to be as close to Bigfoot as possible; hoping the fat white racing stripes, blue paint and monster-sized white-walled tires are enough to make up for being a fantasy Rolls Royce.


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