45 Responses to “Let’s UNBOX The PRIMAL RC MONSTER TRUCK!”

  1. Primal RC

    Great job as always John, Thanks so much for all you do for this RC Hobby. I can't say that enough!! I know our going to make this a super beast with some over the top engine, can't wait to see what you turn this into!! Thanks my Brapp Bro!!

  2. justjoe887

    Hey John. Just wondering if you stopped by Lisbon liquors and picked up your bottle of Mavem. I kinda feel bad that the nice lady behind the counter has been baby sitting it.
    WOW the Maven with cigars in the country… EXCELLENT BRO !!!! Thanks for sharing that in your videos. Sometimes I pray my Espresso machine at home or at work will crap out so I can replace it with the DELTA !!!!
    Need to try that !!!!!!

  3. Opanic

    Hey Botajell I have been thinking. Since the Losi Eight Nitro truggy RTR isn't avaible in Europe and only on eBay with + $100 USD shipping fee. Is it worth it to buy it or should I look at for instance a Ofna Hyper T. I fear that the Losi Eight Truggy will be discontinued since I barely see it show up on google. Is there a truggy that can take the same abuse and bashing as a losi Eight?

  4. eduardo crespo

    My man stop playing around and put that RCMAX 80cc supreme in the monster because it's a monster that needs a monster heart lol. Just don't tell Dan you swapped out a Corvette engine with a Chevy Bigblock.

  5. Opanic

    I always wondered how in one video you filmed at your neighbourhood and in another video you were in the hills on a nice big open area. Do you own two houses?

  6. Bunk Blount R/C

    Man you need to (when you get caught up) take one of your 1/5 scale off road cars to that place you take your 1/8 scale cars and do some bashing…that would be freakin awesome seeing thos big cars flying through th air…most guys just go back and forth in the field but i believe youd be the one to put them babies in the air!…lol…just a suggestion…now get to building that monster!

  7. hybrid32494

    whats up brap brother!! Congrats to us all who were able to get one of these!!! Now we can all bash the same truck, other than out Bajas ofcourse. You call me over and I'll carry this boxes, I was loading those in my prius all by myself!!

  8. rc Ohio

    Excellent John! Can’t wait to see it together! Even better, I can’t wait to see it with the Botajell twist!
    I definitely think the extra shocks will have to be run unsprung.
    It was super nice of the boss to help you carry the beast downstairs… THANKS PAT!
    It was also nice to see the girls involved in the unboxing. Keep up the great work John!

  9. 12R1

    Awesome freakin unboxing kid that thing is a sick af wow now thats a monster truck cant wait to see some running vids happy bashing bud.

  10. Dominick Shauntee

    BOTAJELL gotta catch more of your videos did know you were fish guy to i been in hobby 25 years … Also really like the interaction between you and your daughter unboxing the big boy


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