34 Responses to “Liberal Redneck – Coronavirus in America”

  1. Brad McEwen

    Please join gloved hands and pray that the SDNY will spring to action in the spring of 2021. Thanks for the suggestion Trumpopath.

  2. J Clevy

    Now I just LOL'd until I choked on my saliva after ""…gay sex food stamp parties…". Perhaps a warning to not eat before your comedy please? 😀 Love ya Bro

  3. Missy Barbour

    Faith without works is dead! Today I prayed that God would put socializing healthcare on the hearts of every person currently seeing that the private system is woefully unequipped to do its job

  4. Anita Martini

    We should have started preparing for this fucking months ago IN 2019 when it started elsewhere, instead he called it a hoax and then he used his A game (spreading fear and hate) like it’s some xenophobic plot. he destroyed the government department that had been set up to deal with this exact threat but bc it was something Obama did he had to remove it. Then he puts that nonscientific religious tool in charge…? ? is literally killing us here

  5. Lanita Grice

    Bring on the British Cake Shows. Actually, I watched an episode of the Great British Bake Off last night and it cheered me immensely – and made me really want some cake!!!

  6. espiritu

    I needed some Trae today❤️. For the first time I will be sending your video (this one) to every Republican I know. (fuck’um)


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