During the LSX Shootout, there were quite a few trucks that showed up for Test n Tune and to compete that were faster than most cars! Never underestimate the trucks from Texas & Louisiana. They may just be the sleeper you weren’t expecting!

2nd Annual LSX Shootout – Thunder Road Raceway – 11/8/15. Visit the LSX Monsters website at http://www.lsxmonsters.net/
LSX Monsters are also on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/groups/LSXMONSTERS/

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13 Responses to “LSX MONSTERS TRUCKS!!”

  1. Brent Hass

    That mustang at the end that has the decal LSX killer. it lost to the S10 next to it ha ha. Better luck with some 4.8 in a tahoe or k2500


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