4 Responses to “Maine Mud Run – Apr 18 2009”

  1. Rick Goodell Sr

    Hey, if you have some video of your truck that day, or know someone who does, get it to me and I'll re-edit the movie to get you in.

    If not, be sure to get my attention at this year's next run, or next year's run and I'll make it a point to get you a spotlight.

    I'm sure you know who I am, or you can ask Matt to hook us up.

  2. Rick Goodell Sr

    Sorry bud… made sure to show everything I saw in the 6 or 8 hours I was there. Sifted through about 2 hours of raw video.

    Of course, 3 or 4 people who also shot video and promised to get it to me never did… I waited almost a month and this is what we got; just mine.

    My sincere apologies you didn't get included… not sure how that happened? If it was on my camera, it got posted.


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